It is said that the City Groves are so tall, that no matter where you are in the Iron Giant Fields, all five can be seen on the horizon. This is somewhat true. The City Groves are indeed tall, but the Fields themselves are so perfectly flat, vision across the Fields can reach up to 100 miles.

After The War of the Iron Giants , the Iron Giant Fields were formed.

There are Five Barons that reign over the fields and groves of the Iron Giant Fields.

– Baron Kurtis Warfield of Ghostleaf Castle and the City of Ghostleaf Grove

– Baroness Veronica Barlow of Flightlook Castle and the City of Flightlook Grove

– Baron Maxim Huxley of Shadowrise Castle and Shadowrise Grove City

– Baroness Lizeth Fisk of Hangview Castle and Hangview Grove City

– Baron Viktor Alston of Wyvern’s Nest Castle and Wyvern’s Nest Grove City

These castles and cities were built by the elves millennia ago using druid magic and the natural magic from the spirits of the forest, they created cities within Great Iron Oak trees. Using their druid magic and patience of hundreds of years, they hollowed out sections of the trees and they manipulated the branches to connect to each other allowing travel between tree to tree, thus creating within the groves of the Great Iron Oaks, large cities. (The Great Iron Oak trees are as durable as, well you guessed it, iron. And they are hundreds of feet in radius so hundreds of people can live in these cities/groves. A castle for each city is stationed in one of the trees. Each grove entrance has a gate/portcullis ground level that allows people and horses into the cities. these cities are easy to defend because of this.


banshee (because of the war)
ghost (because of the war)
green hags (because of the war)


city watch (each city)
riders of the fields (cavalry dudes)
arena chanllenger
escaped elf slave
ranger of the fields


horses, draft
cattle (cows, sheep, etc. on the ranches and farms)
axe beak
deer (different type of deer)
poisonous snake
quipper (in rivers and lakes)
horse, riding

This is kind of like a large plains with forests kind of adventure. it’s interesting because as one rides through the Iron Giants Fields, the lands are flat as the US’s
Midwest, but as one rides a horse through it, dotting the horizon are the large Iron Giant Trees of the many cities of the Iron Giant Feilds. Visually, that’s interesting. And there are bands of orc tribes who ride looking for ways to get to the cities in the trees. but they always fail because they can’t burn them down or cut them down and the orcs are too stupid to know how to build something that’ll get them up into the canopies. now the cities have their regions just like the Dawnreach. these are broken up into regions that are owned by farmers and ranchers who serve their lord or lady. and just the the Dawnreach, they look upon religion, race, slavery, and the crown all differently. so you got to map out and write out which regions feel which way so when the PCs ride through, they are treated accordignly.

The Iron Giant Plains is the 200 mile area that used to be the northern part of the Del Maleth forest. After the birth of the Third Empire, Throne cut down many of the iron oak trees that was in abundance in the Del Maleth in order to rebuild the new city of veil, many of the cities in The Dawnreach Lands, and to build the navy of Throne. All that is left are the nearly invulnerable Great Iron Oaks that could not be torn down.

In these giant groves still houses the towns that once belonged to the elves, which have been taken over by humans. Some of these towns have been repopulated by humans, while others, deemed haunted, impossible to reach, or uninhabitable, have been left alone.

during the time of the elves, these Great Iron Oak Groves towns were well hidden amongst the other trees in the forest that surrounded them. Now, with all the other trees except the Great Iron Oaks gone, approacing one of these towns one can easily see resting in the massive branches.

the people of the Iron Giant Groves are real good at hunting with the Iron Oak eagles that have lived there for centuries. Even after the deforestation, the iron oak eagles seemed to thrive because there were much more wide open areas between groves, where they can hunt foxes, wild dogs, boars, and rodents.

Sometimes hunting grounds come into conflict because of their eagles but these are usually settled with borders. In rare instances, disputes are settled in the arenas.

these grove cities also communicate with each other using pigeons, which they train from birth just like they do with the eagles.

at the base of each grove city is a castle which is garrisoned by the cities company. this is where they keep the horses and shit, since the horses can’t be in the trees.

scattered across the plains of the Iron Giants are farmlands and ranchlands.

bandits and orcs can be seen for miles making the Iron Giant Groves a well defended place.


Sylvia Vandamere, as the Trade Lord of Throne, was given the southern lands of the Dawnreach. Looking south to the Del Maleth forests, she beleived by cutting down the ancient trees she could help rebuild a tattered Throne, as the Dragonflight, the orc wars, and the dwarf wars left many of the cities in ruins. By using the Iron Oak Trees and other lumber from Del Maleth, Throne would not only have the raw materials necessary, but selling it to towns and villages and cities would bring much wealth to the crown. Queen Mother Sophia Vandamere agreed and permitted Sylvia to cut down the northern part of the Del Maleth forests.

This did not bode well for the ancient inhabitants of the forests, the sprites, the dryads, the pixies, and the treants. They awoke from within their trees and fought back against the lumberers. As each month passed, and more acres of forests were torn down, the fey increased their attacks, becoming more and more violent in protecting their ancenstral homes. But the humansd of Throne would not be denied their destiny.

Armies of Throne went into the forests battling the fey in a series of skirmishes known as the War of the Iron Giants. The war lasted 10 years, until finally, the desofrestation of Del Maleth was finished at the edge of the (that one) river. The deforested lands would be called The Iron Giant Fields, as the Great Iron Oak Groves were the only trees spared; mainly because they could not be cut down without magical means, but also because of the economic vaule these trees had for holding cities.

To this day, some people living in the Iron Giant Fields beleive it to be haunted with the restless sprits of the fey would were slain. tiny cries and screams can be heard through the lands, late at night, when the moon is full. Other claim they see dull, glowing light flitting in and out of the corner of their eyesight. Some even still say they wake up in the middle of the night with tiny pin prick injuries, not knowing how they acquired them.


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