The Faith of Reohm

The Faith of Reohm

The people of Throne once believed in many gods. Gods of the sun, gods of the afterlife, gods of nature, gods of industry, gods of luck, gods of anything that the people believed a god should be. But once they were left, abandoned, to live with the Corruption and the marauding tribes of orcs, they quickly realized the gods they believed in did not exist. They realized they lived in a godless world.

That is until the Savior appeared to the corrupted orphans who awaited their inevitable deaths on the Olmahan Beaches. He cured them. He cured them all. Gave hope when there was none. And then continued to travel the lands curing the Corruption from everyone.

Many believed he was the god Reohm in human form. After the Orc Wars when the Third Great Kingdom of Throne was established, the humans believed it was with Reohm’s blessings they were able to survive and build their empire. Shrines were built across Throne for the Savior. Churches of Reohm were established in all major cities. The Faith of Reohm became ingrained into the Throne way of life.

Because death from the Corruption was so prevalent during the years of the Dragonflight, many people believed death to be a punishment for not being able to be strong enough to go back to the Old Kingdoms. Those that were Corrupted were always looked upon as lesser than what a true Throne person would be and that death was a suitable end.

However, when the Savior came to the orphans on Olmahan Beach, he cured them. He told them that they were the true chosen ones and that the people who sailed to the Old Kingdoms were lost forever on a fool’s errand. By granting them their lives back, the Savior showed them that death was not a punishment, but an obstacle to overcome in order to achieve their true destiny. That it is the Test one must pass in order to be a true Reohmite.

This way of thinking helped increase the popularity of the Arena Games in every city and why life in Throne revolve around the Dragon Games. The Games are the physical representation of overcoming “death” without really having to kill someone.

THE EIGHT TENETS OF REOHM (eight beliefs and ways of living that the Faith of Reohm instill in their followers)


there are levels for preists of Reohm that they can attain depending on their standing with the church. first is a brother or a sister. one who practices the traditions and customs that will appease Reohm. second is a preist. One who teaches the lessons of Reohm that are written in his book. third is bishops who are in charge of a group of priests, spreading the words. fourth is cardinal, who is in charge of a group of bishops. there is only one cardinal and he is the true leader of

Many devout lords and ladies of Throne keep a bishop with them in their castles.

The popularity and faith of Reohm traveled across Throne quickly. The Savior, miraculously, walked throughout all the lands of Throne avoiding the orc tribes curing the Corruption from all he came across. Once the Third Great Kingdom of Throne was established, Sophia Vandamere appointed the first Archbishop to organize the Faith of Reohm across all of Thrones baronies. The Archbishop appointed Bishops to reside over their respective regions, High Priests to reside over individual cities, and clerics and paladins – usually in teams of two – to travel across Throne in the name of Reohm.

All of the Bishops and High Priests are of Noble blood.

Current Hierarchy

Archbishop Valandis Sophian Vandamere of the Third Great Kingdom of Throne

Bishop Morgana Sophian Vandamere of The Dawnreach Lands
Bishop Terrence Gregoran of North Khardur
Bishop Hailey Sylvian Vandamere of South Khardur
Bishop Mariela Sophian Vandamere of The Iron Giant Fields
Bishop Lauryn Blueblade of The Grimmthorne Wilds
Bishop Owen Cobain of The Hushwoods
Bishop Maurice Sylvian Vandamere of Veil

High Priestess Delilah Fisk of Seastand and Reohm’s Book
High Priest Jonathan Davenport of Coldwater Crossing
High Priest Adriel Barlow of Mace Pass
High Priest Zachary Smythe of Everspring City
High Priestess Grace Wade of Riverhome
High Priestess Emma Huxley of the City of Ghostleaf Grove
High Priest Wetherby Tarsk the City of Flightlook Grove
High Priest Gregor Lancaster of Shadowrise Grove City
High Priestess Mariah Holt of Hangview Grove City
High Priest Lyndsey Carlisle of Wyvern’s Nest Grove City
High Priest Kirk Marlowe of Hearthforge
High Priest Graham Buckley of Stonehaven/Skygate
High Priest Arlo Holt of Darkfall City in the Charred Valley
High Priest Wayne Warfield of Oldrend City in the Oldrend Valley
High Priestess Joselyn Fisk of Malgrimm
High Priestess Allison Kent of the City of Stormperch
High Priestess Eileen Marlowe of the Web Terraces
High Priest Clint Alston of Nasera

Cleric and Paladin (the travelers)

The people of Throne bury their dead. The nobles and royal families have mausoleums filled with their ancestors. The families that are really devout have a church attached to their castles and place their dead inside crypts beneath the churches. Burying the dead has been a practice of the Throne people since the First Great Kingdom of Throne.


To the Reohmites, and closely tied to the Thronic culture, death simply means your service to Reohm and Throne are finished. Whether your purpose was successfully fulfilled or not determines whether you go to “Heaven” or the Nine Hells. Living a life following the Tenets of Reohm will grant you access to Heaven. Not living a life according to the Tenets sends your soul to the Nine Hells.

Royalty and nobility treat their dead differently, since royalty and nobility are closely associated with divinity. While common folk are buried in the ground to be one with the lands, royalty and nobility are mummified and placed in family crypts and mausoleums as the Reohmites believe this preserves the essence of the body to continue to influence the family while allowing the soul to travel to Heaven.


Throne ideology and Throne philosophy are centered around the simple concept
that the humans of the first great kingdom of Throne were the purest of the pure,
created by the god reohm in his image as the perfect creature, meant to learn,
grow, and become what reohm would want them to become. The recipient of all of
his wonders and life living on his planet.

That is ultimately why they look at all other races as inferior. In their sacred Reohm’s book, it states that only the humans of Throne, whose blood can be traced to the Old Kingdoms, will receive the gifts that Reohm has placed in the world.

Throne beleives and has always beleived that if they keep their people pure, that the
blood remains pure, they are guaranteed a perfect and bad ass life and afterlife.

This is why they have gone to such great lengths to keep Throne the way Throne is.

The beaches where the Savior saved the corrupted Thronites is considered to be a very holy place. The people of Seastand will beach themselves once a month, to worship Reohm on those beaches where their sister city of Reohm’s Book rests.
The people of Reohm’s Book are the devout Reohmites of Seastand whose sacrifice of living on land is considered worthy of Reohm’s belssings.

The Faith of Reohm

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