The Eight Tenets of Reohm are the eight principles the faithful must adhere to in order to achieve an exceptional afterlife. Being able to balance and keep in harmony the Tenets of Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, War, and Death throughout ones entire life is the key.

Reohm’s BookKNOWLEDGE is the greatest gift Reohm has bestowed upon his followers. The knowledge to build, the knowledge to rule, the knowledge to control magic, the knowledge of morality, the knowledge of the stars, the knowledge of faith, and the acquisition of these knowledge is important in understanding one’s place in the Heavens. Understanding and openness are the key attributes Reohm’s Book.

Reohm’s HeartLIFE exists to contribute to the essence of the universe. Everything that lives was born to take part of and be a part of the near infinite existence of the cosmos. From the smallest ant to the largest dragon, each and every living thing, whether aware or not, plays their part during their life. Compassion is key for Reohm’s Heart.

Reohm’s LightLIGHT extinguishes darkness. The sun banishes the night. Fire defeats the cold. Reohm’s Light protects the faithful from the insurmountable dangers that surround them. Even in the darkest, coldest, loneliest situations, if one believes in the Faith of Reohm, there will always be a glimmer of hope. Courage is key for Reohm’s Light.

Reohm’s TreeNATURE is as much a part of the world as the creatures that live in it. In fact, those that practice the Tenet of Reohm’s Tree believe that nature is there to coexist with humanity, to teach us an organic, patient, and symbiotic way of life. Nature feeds the people, provides homes, and provides life to all the living. Nature, in all it’s beauty and power, are an integral part of Reohm’s cosmic plan. Harmony is key to Reohm’s Tree.

Reohm’s JusticeTEMPEST is storms that rage over oceans that have become too lazy, tsunamis that wash over lands that have become too pompous, earthquakes that destroy mountains that have become too mighty. Reohm’s Justice must be answered by anything that has become imbalanced. Accountability and vindication are important to Reohm’s Justice.

Reohm’s ShadowTRICKERY is essential to the overall relationship with Reohm. It is the uncomfortable tenet of duality. Without shadows there can be no light that shines through. Without death there is no life to protect. Without ignorance there is no need for knowledge.
Freedom, dissent, liberation, as well as deception, and influence are keys to Reohm’s Shadow.

Reohm’s SwordWAR is as much a part of life as is peace. Combat is the purest way one can glean honor, chivalry, heroism, as well as cowardice, ineptitude, and surrender. Battle is the purest test the courageous faithful must face. Reohm’s Sword leads to many other tenets of Reohm.

Reohm’s ShroudDEATH. All life must one day end. If the faithful performs all of their duties, follows all of the tenets, and lives a meaningful life, death is the beginning of their afterlife in the Heavens as an angel of Reohm. If one does not, they go to the Nine Hells with Azmodeus and become one of his devils. This tenet is the eventuality of all and everything and only those who have remained faithful to Reohm and his tenets will avoid eternity with the Devil King.


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