The Dwarf Wars

The Dwarf Wars was a series of battles fought in the Khardur Mountains between the Orphans of Throne and the dwarves of North and South Khardur, immediately occurring after the Orc Wars.

17 AD – 18 AD

Baron Desmond Vandamere’s 17-year plan was to completely control all of Obadon in order to create the Third Great Kingdom of Throne. Unbeknownst to the dwarves, this included both North and South Khardur. For seventeen years, the Orphans of Throne learned the ins and outs of the dwarven cities, tunnels, and caverns. They learned the strengths and weaknesses of the dwarven defenses. For seventeen years, they ingrained themselves into dwarven society being considered the adopted children of The Khardurs. The dwarves taught them how to defend themselves, how to use the terrain to their advantage, and how to fight against any enemies who would attempt to lay siege to their territories. The dwarves continued to look upon these children as children even as they aged into adults. And as adults, they became a force to be reckoned with.

Muriel Blueblade, Vandela and Valeria Vandamere traveled back to the cities in North and South Khardur simultaneously, and were welcomed as heroes, as redeemers, as liberators. Once the Throne armies entered the dwarven cities in celebration, they quickly killed the dwarven leaders, such as Woch Dogbeard, a member of the Fellowship of the Dragon, and enslaved the rest of the dwarves. After control of the Khardur Mountains were secured, they rode into the forests of Del Maleth and easily captured the elves who were already weakened by the years of war with the orcs.

Desmond Vandamere was hailed as the greatest strategist in the history of Throne. His greatest weapon was not a legendary blade or a powerful spell. His greatest weapon was time. He learned well from his Dragon Masters.

The entire continent-island of Obadon was now theirs, and the Third Great Kingdom of Throne was born.

The Dwarf Wars

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