the anvilcliff mountains – there is a clan of giants that live there and occassionally harrass Stormperch but typically keep to themselves. orcs tribes of the anvicliff exist and usually contend with the giants more than stormperch. the CUSTODIANS of Stormperch are very proud of their design of their cliff city. they also take joy as being part of the tradition and culture of the whaling season. once every month, during the spring, a large group of humpback whales travel to the cove underneath stormperch to mate. the whalers of stormperch use a very dangerous and unique way of whaling. Harpooners jump off of a ledge hundreds of feet high carrying a very large harpoon connected to the cliffs by a chain with the intention of using momentum to their advantage. As they get closer to the whale, they throw the harpoon as hard as they can, impaling the whale. Once the Harpooner throws his harpoon, an assigned Custodian will cast feather fall on the Harpooner so they will land safely into the water. By taking down a couple of humpback whales in this way, feeds and provides necessary resrouces to the people of Stormperch for the Summer months.

I think I wrote about it somewhere already. Go look for it.
But add this: Stormperch sees snowfall in the fall and winter.
during the spring and summer season, snow
AddThis ALso:
they use ropes to get across like in Wild China Documentary. They
use slings to get across slopes and gorges and behind waterfalls.

3) Stormperch – The only other major city in The Wilds. Completely out of the reach of
Throne, the people of Stormperch care nothing for the Empire. In fact, there is no
direct road to Stormperch, only through the ocean can one reach Stormperch. On the side
of the cliff, the people of Stormperch live. Stormperch was once home to The Anvilcliff
Dwarves, a dwarven culture that fit as well in the ocean as they did in the Anvilcliff
Mountains. The dragonflight took all able bodied men and women, leaving the children,
the elderly, and the ill. The orcs scaled the mountains and attempted to lay seige
on the cliffside city. But there was no one to be found. The Anvilcliff Dwarves had
abandoned their home in order to save themselves. They boarded their boats and set sail
into the unknown ocean. Once Throne kicked the orcs out, a Duke and his men were sent
to oversee Stormperch. Custodians were sent and marveled at the engineering the dwarves
has accomplished, bing able to build a city on the side of a cliff. With their farming
fields found in random grassy level areas scattered across the side of the mountains.
Just like in that documentary I saw called human planet.
The dwarves employed mechanical elevators pulled by ropes attached to giant rams to
get from one level to another, to get from one feild to another, to get from the top
of the mountains, to the rocky shores below. The Custodians improved on the design
no longer needing a beast of burden, but manipulating the waterfall and a complicated
arrangement of water wheels and water turbines to maove people and supplies
from area to area, from level to level, from field to field.

Real quick, let me describe Stormperch. There are waterfalls spouting out from
several areas in the Anvilcliffs. The Custodians redesigned the city to take
advantage of where the waterfalls were, how conssitent they were in their pressure and
strength so as to utilize them in regtards to their evelator system.

People from Throne immediately moved in but soon realized they were isolated
from the rest of the Kingdom. Sailing around Throne took nearly as long as attempting
to travel through the mountains. They knew they could only rely on themsleves. But
during their first months, their supplies diwndling, their crops not growing, people
not accustomed to living on the Anvilcliffs, was extremely harsh. And it only got worse
for the next few years.

However, they noticed every spring humback whales mating near the rocky shore below.
Starving, so out of necessity, they quickly developed a way to hunt the whales, which
could feed them for weeks to almost months. They carry harpoons and then jump down into the
ocean as they impale the whale. Just like in that documentary human planet.
They believe that, every spring, Reohm allows them to hunt the humpback whale to
continue to serve him.

As a result, the Custodians carved a statue of a humpback whale into the Anvilcliffs.
After they acknowledged their connection to the humpback whale, their crops began to
prosper, and their courage to live independently burned. And every spring
they have a city-wide celebration to honor the whale and reohm.

Solme criers tell stories of the people of Stormperch possessing the ability to
ride whales. This has never been confirmed, though.

They occassionally trade with Throne merchants and traders, but seeing as how it is
difficult to reach Stormperch, these traders only come to their cliffs at least
once a year.


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