Ironwall Valley

The Ironwall Valley, resting in the Northeastern part of the North Khardur Mountain range, is an elevated plateau 25 square miles, (5000 feet elevation) that is surrounded by the North Khardur Mountain Range. It can reach up to 70 degrees during the summer days and drop to -10 degrees during the Winter nights. The only city in the Ironwall Valley is the famous Hearthforge.

The Ironwall Valley would be as inhospitable a place as any in the North Khardur Mountain Range except for one natural phenomenon: The Hearthforge Hot Springs. Surrounding the city of Hearthforge are several large hot springs, allowing some vegetation and clean drinking water, along with a nice consistent 75 degree climate year round. This makes the City of Hearthforge one of the most comfortable places to visit in all of Throne.

The Snowthorn Road leads through the Highpass Canyons on the way to Skygate and the Icebend Road travels through the Cross Canyons. These are the only ways into and out of the Ironwall Valley.

Atop the high peaks of the surrounding North Khardur Mountains are rumored to live clans of giants, although no reliable eyewitnesses currently live to confirm or deny the rumor.

Ironwall Valley

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