Crowns Council

The Crown’s Council is made of the men and women who the King trusts to help him run the Empire.

The Knight Commander Sir Simon Sophian Vandamere of the Dawnguard – Leader of the Dawnguard, personally appointed by the Crown

The Archbishop of Reohm Valandis Sophian Vandamere – Leader of the Faith of Reohm

The Chronicler Wiley Goodwin – Leader of the Canticle (a combination of journalism, entertainment, and telecommunication; propaganda and partisan reporting)

The Vaultmaster Burgess Smythe – In charge of the treasury, taxes, and banking (coins, gems, interest, book keeping)

The Goodskeeper Stanwyck Thornley – In charge of the resources, food, and clothing (anything manufactured or grown)

The Grand Custodian Emerson Hawthorne – leader of all the Custodians

Crowns Council

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