Noble Houses

The Noble Houses are the families descended from the Orphans who took part in conquering all of Obadon. These houses make up the wealthy, highly influential, and politically savvy families. They do not have the royal blood of the Royal Families, but because of political maneuverings, wealth, influence, lands, armies, or a combination of these things have elevated their bloodlines to that of nobility.

The nobles are barons, army generals, Dragon Champions, high ranking Reohmites, wealthy merchants, and affluent landowners. They are 10% of the Throne population but possess over 90% of it’s riches. The Noble Houses have loyalties to different Royal Houses and gain certain benefits because of it.

It is this network of relationships between the Royal Houses and the Noble Houses that keep Throne in a perpetual balance of power, never giving too much sway to one family. Their loyalties to certain royal houses change from generation to generation, as the noble houses try to marry into the Royal Families.


House Alston
House Barlow
House Buckley
House Carlisle
House Davenport
House Fisk
House Goodwin
House Hawthorne
House Holt
House Huxley
House Kent
House Lancaster
House Marlowe
House Smythe
House Tarsk
House Thornley
House Wade
House Warfield
House Whitney


The Nobles of Throne are some of the wealthiest among the people of Throne. As a result, they can afford hundreds of slaves and groups of Custodians all to themselves. This amount of power, influence, and wealth allows the Nobles to do about anything they want. Many of them have an unspoken competition with each other based on material coins, expensive jewels, historical weapons, ancient books, magical items, and most of all, their castles.

The castles that are owned by the Nobles are in perpetual construction. Their Custodians and their slaves are constantly redesigning, enhancing, and rebuilding their castles to one-up each other. Some castles might contain stairs cases that adjust to the pedestrians movements, other might castles have floating towers, other castles might be built inside waterfalls, other castles might sit in the middle of an ever-shifting hedge maze, while other castles might even have the ability to turn invisible. The possibilities are as endless as there are coins to spend, Custodians to design, and slaves to build, and for the Nobles, that is endless.

Noble Houses

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