Web Terraces

The Web Terraces is a city in the Hushwoods built by humans attempting to replicate Nasera’s natural architecture. After the War of the Iron Giants, the the human towns and villages surrounding the Great Iron Oaks communed with their new neighbors of fey folk, forest spirits, and magical creatures and decided to make their own city among the Great Iron Oaks. It took the custodians and people nearly a decade to complete the city, but when it was done, the people of the Web Terraces were satisfied.

Although not as naturally stunning as Nasera, the Web Terraces is still a remarkable city. Easily seen at a distance, many of the buildings and streets are built on top of the branches and flatter sections of the Great Iron Oaks. The Moonbloom Mushrooms are strategically placed so The Web Terraces can be easily discerned, as they trade with the cities of the Iron Giant Fields and Malgrimm consistently. Their relative proximity to the Dwendel and Artoria Rivers allow them to easily access to the rest of Throne for such trading.

The elves of the Web Terraces also are ‘free’. Just like the elves of Nasera, however, they live in the more dilapidated areas of the city and in communities of themselves. They suffer from the same underprivileged allowances as others who are Marked.

Baroness Celia Whitney of the Web Terraces

Her personal company is known as the Terrace Rangers

Web Terraces

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