War of the Iron Giants


Sylvia Vandamere, as the Trde Lord of Throne, was given the southern
lands of the Dawnreach. Looking south to the Del Maleth forests, she
beleived by cutting down the ancient trees she could help rebuild
a tattered Throne, as the Dragonflight, the orc wars, and the dwarf
wars left many of the cities in ruins. By using the Iron Oak Trees
and other lumber from Del Maleth, Throne would not only have the
raw materials necessary, but selling it to towns and villages and
cities would bring much wealth to the crown. Queen Mother Sophia
Vandamere agreed and permitted Sylvia to cut down the northern part
of the Del Maleth forests.

This did not bode well for the ancient inhabitants of the forests, the
sprites, the dryads, the pixies, and the treants. They awoke from within
their trees and fought back against the lumberers. As each month passed,
and more acres of forests were torn down, the fey increased their attacks,
becoming more and more violent in protecting their ancenstral homes.
But the humansd of Throne would not be denied their destiny.

Armies of Throne went into the forests battling the fey in a series
of skirmishes known as the War of the Iron Giants. The war lasted
10 years, until finally, the desofrestation of Del Maleth was finished
at the edge of the (that one) river. The deforested lands would be called
The Iron Giant Fields, as the Great Iron Oak Groves were the only trees
spared; mainly because they could not be cut down without magical means,
but also because of the economic vaule these trees had for holding

To this day, some people living in the Iron Giant Fields beleive it to
be haunted with the restless sprits of the fey would were slain.
tiny cries and screams can be heard through the lands, late at night,
when the moon is full. Other claim they see dull, glowing light
flitting in and out of the corner of their eyesight. Some even still
say they wake up in the middle of the night with tiny pin prick
injuries, not knowing how they acquired them.

War of the Iron Giants

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