Third Great Kingdom of Throne

The Dawnreach Lands
The Iron Giant Fields
North Khardur
South Khardur
The Grimmthorne Wilds
The Hushwoods
The City of Veil
The Shrouds
The Undergrowth

The people of Throne have endured for thousands of years, not only surviving the war of the Old Kingdoms, the Dragons, the Orc Wars, the Dwarf Wars, the War of the Iron Giants, but flourishing because of them. Theirs is an undisputed empire.

The Third Great Kingdom of Throne claims all the the lands on the island of Obadon; from the sharp peaks of the Anvilcliff Mountains, to the misty canopies of the Hushwoods, to the abandoned, mysterious and treacherous ruins of the Shrouds, to the mighty mountains of the Khardur Mountain range, to the white, sandy beaches of Olmahan.

Throne boasts some of the most unique and marvelous cities and constructions ever seen in the history of the world: The walled rice terrace city of Malgrimm, – the vertical, waterfall-powered city of Stormperch, – the gloomy, magical, mushroom-lit, tree city of Nasera, – the city inside of the Great Iron Oaks, Flightlook Grove, – the hot spring city in the snow capped Kharudur Mountains called Hearthforge, – the movable, floating city of Seastand on the Altric Ocean, – and the jeweled city of gold and silver, the capitol of Throne, Sunsplendor.

The Coliseum, the Illusionariums, the Conservatory, the Grand Marketplace, the New City of Veil; these are but a few of the unique and different locales, regions, and wonders of the Third Great Kingdom of Throne.

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Throne was ruled by King-Father Valdus Sophian Vandamere for a brief time until his recent death of a sudden heart attack. Now, this guy wasn’t the greatest ruler of Throne, but he wasn’t the worst. He needed to be well-liked and was susceptible to flattery and intimidation. The Crown’s Council manipulated the shit out of him.

With his death, he left no heir. This dude never married, had no children and no known bastards, and had no brothers or sisters. His closest relative is his first cousin, Charlotte Sylvian Vandamere, (Charlotte’s father was brother Viscera Sophian Vandamere, Valdus’ mother.) who also happens to be the current Trade Lord.

The Crown’s Council had to appoint Charlotte Sylvian Vandamere as the new Queen-Mother, regardless of how the other Royal Houses vocally and loudly protested.

And with the Dragon Games approaching, Throne might see itself in the midst of a civil war.



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Third Great Kingdom of Throne

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