The Time of the Dragon Masters

4542 AV – 4546 AV

When I say the dragons appeared, I mean to say they revealed themselves. They didn’t come from the sky, they didn’t emerge from their lairs, nor they did they magically pass through the Veil. The Veil, in fact, was their idea. The dragons had been on Obadon as long as the First Alliance.

Let me explain: Just like the ancestors of the people of The First Alliance, the dragons were defeated in the Old Kingdoms and were almost wiped out by Azmodeus’ demon armies. They fled the Old Kingdoms, on their way to Obadon, vowing they would one day return to take their lands back. Over the Altric Ocean, they found a fleet ships carrying thousands of gnomes from Gnascada, sailing unknowingly, towards Obadon. The dragons attacked them, killed them, and then, through magical means, took their shape, their size, their speech, their everything, and sailed towards the island disguised as the gnomes.

It was the dragons pretending to be gnomes who organized the building of the Towers and of the Veil effectively shutting in everyone on Obadon. It was the dragons-in-gnome-disguise who constructed the massive City of Veil and flooded the marketplaces with magical weapons, armor, and items, making magic as plentiful as wood and sand. It was the dragons as gnomes who installed the Trade Lords as rulers of the Five Territories ensuring control over the entire population (In fact, for the four thousand years of The First Alliance’s existence, three out of the five Trade Lords were always gnomes. Sneaky ass bastards.) Because of these dragon/gnomes, The First Alliance rose to magnificently great height, and inevitably, to become pawns in their centuries-long scheme.

In the year 4546 AV, after many millennia, the dragons’ plan was finally ready. Three of the Trade Lords doffed their gnome disguises. So did many high-ranking lords, ladies, knights, and officials across all Five Territories. Pouring out of the Towers of the Veil – which were were actually secret nurseries for the young dragons – flew hundreds of them. The skies were filled with dragons. Gold, red, silver, blue, bronze, green, copper, black, brass, and white. They quickly and easily seized control of the cities from all Five Territories.

The Trade Lord Baron Desmond Vandamere of Throne, one of the only Trade Lords who wasn’t a dragon in disguise, and who fought against the Dragon Armies eventually succumbed to their might, as did every futile attempt across Obadon. The dragons were too powerful. They did not kill wantonly, as the dragons only planned to subjugate and further manipulate the people of Obadon to their way of thinking. Over the next few decades, the Dragon Masters converted the thinking of the people of Obadon. Baron Vandamere himself, fanatical about reclaiming the old First Great Kingdom of Throne, became one of the Dragon Army generals.

As one kingdom under the claws of the dragons, they had the people build a large fleet to carry the armies of the dragons overseas to the Old Kingdoms and reclaim their homelands from the demon legions of Azmodeus. Once the fleets were done, the dragons lead their huge armies into the ocean, bound to take back what was once theirs thousands of years before. They took every strong, able-bodied person, every human, dwarf, and elf who was competent in steel, sorcery, or healing, one million strong soldiers, mages, and clerics, all the companies of the entirety of the Five Territories, and, essentially, abandoned Obadon to the sick, the young, and the old.

Leading The Dragon Armies across the Altric Ocean, Desmond Vandamere brought with him all of his sons and his capable daughters, leaving his twin toddlers in the care of his old and aging friend, Lucien Blueblade, for the former Trade Lord had a plan.

The Time of the Dragon Masters

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