The Time of the Corruption

4543 AV – 11 AD

After the Dragon Armies formed, a plague began to spread all across Obadon. A person infected with The Corruption would slowly waste away, physically weakened, over months to years, gradually becoming thin and frail. They would lose all the hair on their bodies and their skin would turn pale. Eventually, they would lose their eyesight, their motor skills, and their memories until, finally, their bodies could no longer function and they would die a husk of their former selves. The Corruption was not contagious, but there was also no cure. Clerics and priests, alchemists and wizards, humans, elves, and dwarves could not find any answers for this disease. They did not know what caused it, only speculating that an excessive use or exposure to magic might be the reason. Once the Corruption took hold of someone, it would gradually and inevitably destroy them.

The Dragon Masters, having no use for the ill, and not wanting to waste time with them, would leave the corrupted behind, along with the children and the elderly as they sailed across the Altric Ocean. After the Dragonflight, the corrupted were easy targets for the orc invasions.

Many people who have been impacted by the Corruption realized even the gods could not help them. The faith in the gods wavered with every death. For a decade, the people nearly stopped believing in the gods altogether.

Around 6 AD, a mysterious figure known only as the Savior traveled from city to city, town to town, village to village, healing those who were infected by the Corruption. A miracle to the already devastated people of the lands, whispers began circulating this person who was always dressed in brown robes, never revealing his or her face, suggesting that the Savior was Reohm in human form. These vehement proclamations gave a resurgence in the religions of Reohm. Temple to other gods were torn down and replaced with temples of Reohm.

For five years the Savior roamed the orc infested lands, curing those who were corrupted. Stories abound of how he evaded the orc tribes or how he single-handedly defeated orc warriors. Then, as soon as he arrived, he was seen no more.

To this day, the Corruption still has no cure, but is longer a disease of epidemic proportions.

The Time of the Corruption

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