The Second Great Kingdom of Throne

year 0 – year 4542 AV (After the Veil)

When the people of Throne fled across the Altric Ocean to escape Azmodeus and his asshole demon armies, they landed on Obadon, a large island thousands of miles away from the Old Kingdoms, a large island that no one in the Old Kingdoms knew about. When they got there they found out that other refugees from the Old Kingdoms had escaped Azmodeus as well, and were living new lives on Obadon. The people of Throne, not wanting to lose their traditions and culture in the strange new land with groups of people they didn’t like in the Old Kingdoms, grabbed their own territory for their people only, and named it The Second Great Kingdom of Throne. (Technically, it wasn’t a kingdom, though. It was a territory. But, you know how the people of Throne were. So there you have it.) A total of five territories, which included Throne, divided Obadon.

Because Obadon was significantly smaller than The Old Kingdoms, there wasn’t a lot of room to expand. But expansion meant more war. And no one wanted war, they just wanted a way to protect themselves from the asshole demon armies and the asshole demon god, Azmodeus, because those assholes were the assholes who forced them to leave their ancient homelands. So instead of fighting, they made a pact with each other. Utilizing many of Throne’s advanced system of governing and trading in combination, they formed The First Alliance. Together, stonemasons, carpenters, and mages from all five territories constructed the Towers of the Veil. Bam. The Veil was created.

For four thousand years, the Veil kept the demons out and protected the people of the First Alliance. Throne became one of the most powerful and influential territories in Obadon. Everything was good. That is, until the dragons, who hadn’t been seen since the days of the Old Kingdoms, appeared.

The Second Great Kingdom of Throne

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