The region known as the Hushwoods was once half of the Del Maleth territory primarily made up of forests of Iron Oak Trees and Great Iron Oak Trees. After the deforestation of the War of the Iron Giants, the southern half of the Del Maleth forests became known as the Hushwoods.



Through countless centuries the druids have subtly shaped the branches of these trees to connect to one another, creating natural bridges between groves, allowing for travel through the canopies without ever having to set foot on the undergrowth, which has allowed fungal creatures to inhabit the floor of the forests. The undergrowth receives no sunlight, but the canopies do, although it is still dark and gloomy in the canopies because the brush is still thick and the mist makes it even harder to see.

Horses, unless specifically trained, do not like traveling through the branches. So the custodians of the hushwoods, created bicycles. These bicycles are specially designed for quick travel between groves and branches, able to balance better, use momentum better, and the bike tires fit into the grooves on the streets and roads of the hushwoods. However, if one is not familiar with the meandering routes that seem to curve into various loops and spirals, one could easily get lost and even fall out of the canopies.

The Hulder know these routes like the back of their hands and they are the sworn protectors of the Hushwoods.



A secretive group of druids, rangers, and fey folk that live in the trees and lands of the Hushwoods. They vehemently protect the forests from outsiders and threats to the woods.


Unique to the Hushwoods, moonbloom mushrooms grow underneath the canopies of the Hushwoods. These mushrooms have the quality of luminescence during any phase of the moon save a new moon. Regardless of whether moonlight actually touches the mushrooms, as long as there is a visible moon, these mushroom will shed a white-blue glow. If the Moonbloom is picked, the glow will last for three hours before it’s light begins to fade.

The Moonbloom Mushrooms, along with the constant mists, and the shadows from the canopies, creates a gloomy, dark, mysterious, and magical atmosphere for all of the Hushwoods.

the HUSHWOODS is an eerie kind of magical forest, fey-world
type area. think avatar world with some duskwood kind of
feel to it.


Baroness Celia Whitney of the Web Terraces

Baroness Agnes Fisk of Nasera

The cities of Web Terraces and Nasera are built on the outside and alongside the Great Iron Oaks, not inside like in the Iron Giant Fields. These elves, long ago, used druid magic and nature magic to meld their homes into the forest, as to not disturb the forest and it’s natural beauty. When the Throne humans moved in, the took over the cities and marveled at the artistry and mastery of magic and engineering the elves had in order to build such wonderful creations.

in the hushwoods, it’s actually dangerous to walk on the ground. reports of strange subterreanean fungal type monsters lurk in the undergrowth. So horses, unless properly trained, usually aren’t allowed to travel through the hushwoods. As a result, trading outside of the hushwoods rarely happens except with a few specialist merchants who have gone through the hushwoods for decades. Main travel across the hushwoods comes through bicycles and knowledge of the routes. The large branches of the trees connecting with each other make perfect routes to get through the thick canopies of the Hushwoods, but one can easily get lost as the branches meander in odd and winding directions.

The people of Web Terraces and Nasera have spent lifetimes within the hushwoods and have become one with the forest, knowing the ins and outs of the branches, the agility necessary to ride the bicycles, using the moonblooms to their advantage, communing with the spirits of the forest, these humans have taken on a very arboreal lifestyle akin to the elves. many hushwood humans aspire and excel at being rangers and druids. Quickly, as humans often do, they became amicable with the spirits of the forest and the fey, and have a cordial relationship with them.

Also, once the War of the Iron Giants ended, and all the forest spirits and fey-like creatures went to the hushwoods, Throne’s foothold in the hushwoods hasn’t as strong as it is with the rest of Throne’s regions. the forest spirits and fey began trying to help the elves by using their trickster tactics against the humans who lived in the hushwoods. Making it more difficult to travel on the ground by slowly making the forest taller and denser so sunlight would rarely reach the ground, forcing the humans into the canopies. After generations of living with the elves as their slaves, the humans came to an agreement with them allowing them certain rights and privileges that weren’t allowed to slaves. For one, the elves of the hushwoods are no longer slaves. they are not treated as property. But they must live in a segregated area of the towns and cities and receive less than what humans would receive for earnings. Eventually, the humans attuned themselves to the forest and it’s magical nature, and have become one with it.

this is where the moonbloom mushrooms grow. since it is a heavily forested place, it always seems to dark, even during the day. The moonbloom mushrooms glow constantly so it helps with the lighting. as a result, it the huswoods have that eerie quality to it. and because of it being near the coast, those cities have a perpetual mist that slowly meanders through the darkness that, on the thickest mist days, even the moonblooms can’t penetrate the mist. it’s kind of a creepy place. like duskwood, but in the trees. that’s the feel i’m going for here. the druids and rangers from here have that kind of creepiness to them.

also, the people in the cities of the hushwoods ride bicycles. it’s quicker, and since most people in the hushwoods are naturally lithe and dexterous, they use bikes to travel through the branches. sometimes they will use moonblooms and attach them to their bikes so they can be seen easier in the darkness of the hushwoods. (*it’s supposed to look like how night bike riders are in south pasadena. in dark canopied streets, riding their bike at mdinight, and having big as reflectors and lights. it almost look fey like to me, so i figured, that’s what the entire forest will be. that magical, otherworldly fey-like place. bam, son!)

the hushwoods is where the defeated sprites and such went to after they lost the Iron Giants War. as a result, the hushwoods, along with it’s darkness and fog, has a strong magical presence. it has become one of the most unique places in all of Throne. the custodians here are some of the best, even developing the bicycle system.

the humans of Nasera get along better with their elves than the humans of the web terraces. but the web terraces still have more tolerance than the humans of the dawnreach lands, because the dawnreach uses them as slaves while the hushwood elves live in segregated communities.

They make their cities in the canopies of
the native trees known as
The Grand Iron Oak Trees, not to be confused
with the smaller and more fragile
Iron Oak Trees. (Although regular Iron Oaks
are still pretty damn difficult to cut down.)
The Grand Oak Trees usually pack together in
groves of 50 and grow to about 100 feet tall and
40 feet in diameter. The branches of the Grand
Iron Oaks can reach to be 20 wide and 20 feet

Nasera, the largest city in the Hushwoods,
is one of these cities. The Custodians of Nasera
simply took this city from the elves, who had already
made the city within the branches of the Grand Iron Oaks,
and strengthened them. The Custodians added zip lines
and easier access to the ground, but that was all.

It’s a marvel how the Del Maleth elves made them.
They took centuries cultivating and manipulating
the branches of the Grand Iron Oaks to connect to
one another, creating a very strong, natural bridge
between trees. They would then take Iron Oak vines,
taken from the regular Iron Oak Trees, and strengthen
the bridges with them. The original design by the elves
stood 200 feet high, was 2 sq miles, and melded so well
into the foliage, unless someone was actively looking
for the Nasera, they would completely miss it.

All the Custodians did was maintain what the elves
already did.

Nasera stood against the orc invaders, never once having
orc feet set in the city of the trees. Unforutnately,
most other elven cities did, as they were starved or
smoked out.

Once Del Maleth was theirs, the Thronic people discovered
many of the other cities that were either filled with
the dead of the starved or completely abandoned. They
took over the groves and ensalved the elven people.

The elven people live in segregated “branches” of the
groves. The leves are used as labor, servants, and
nothing more.

There is a particular fungus in the Hushwoods called
the Moonbloom. It glows when there’s a moon out, the fuller
the moon, the brighter is glows. During a new moon
the moonbloom still glows, but very faintly. Whenever
there’s an eclipse or some strange occurance that happens
with the moon, there usually is a celebration in
Nasera, and quite possibly, other towns and villages
in The Hushwoods.

After the “Unification” of Throne occured, half of Del Maleth,
the northern part above the Dwendel River was cut down
for buildings and towns and such for the Dawnguard Lands.
What remained became part of the Dawngaurd Lands. The forests
that remained south of the Dwendel River became known as
the Hushwoods and humans began settling there integrating
with the forest of Iron Oak Trees and Grand Iron Oak Trees.
These people are more nature loving types of people
living in the same tree cities that the elves once

There’s another city in the Hushwoods, not built by the elves
but by human custodians, trying to duplicate the designs of
the elves. Although they came close, this city can be easily
seen in the branches of the Grand Iron Oaks and is wrapped up
in so many iron oak vines it’s resembles the complicated
designs of spiderwebs. Hence the name of the city,
The Web Terraces. The citizens of Web Terrace are very proud
of that name.


old shit

The Hushwoods is a large forested province that was once the homelands of the elves of Del Maleth. After the dragon armies left for the Old Kingdoms, Throne conquered the Del Maleth elves and placed the in concentration camps. They carved out strategic areas of the woods for human living, renaming it from Del Maleth to The Hushwoods. There are five provinces that ruled by four of Lord Yancy Harker’s barons and himself.

The Othon Grove – Baroness Nadelea Ridlaston, from Castle Warleaf and her Greencloaks. There are three settlements watched over by a Greencloak High-Knight and his company. She is loved by her people and her Greencloaks, respected by local companies and adventurers, and friend to the elves in their segregation.

The Illazen Grove – Baron Kibaril Grana, from Castle Sineater and his Moon Rangers. Four settlements surround Castle Sineater all controlled by one of his Moon Ranger Captains. Baron Grana is a devout believer in Reohm and offers citizenship to elves that join his order. Those that don’t, remain in the slums of his settlements.

The Riverwolf Grove – Baron Pashen Varondal from Castle Riverwolf and his Wolf Rangers. Five settlements surround Castle Riverwolf supervised by appointed captains of five different companies. Baron Pashen Vanrondal treats the elves as second class citizens. He does not believe Lord Yancy Harker’s treatment of the elves, he believes they should be all killed. Although he cannot do anything legally, he provides the minimum for their survival, he segregates them into their own slums, and rarely provides protection from raids or attacks, leaving it up to the company in charge.

The Blue Dolos Grove – Baroness Sarka Yora from Castle Shadowdance and her Shadowdancers. Four settlements surround Castle Shadowdance and are ruled by four of her Master Shadowdancers and their companies. Baroness Sarka Yora is crippled and is losing respect from her Master Shadowdancers. The Blue Dolos Grove is on the brink of revolt. The elves here have a secret cult wanting to bring back the dragon lords. (because anything is better than how they are being treated.)

The Bloodwater Grove – Lord Yancy Harker from Castle Steelblood and his Bloodwater Wardens. Three settlements surround Castle Steelblood and are protected by three of his Head Wardens and their men. Lord Yancy Harker is a well-liked, but ill-respected leader of all of The Hushwoods. His Barons barely listen to him, his men are forced to be loyal to him, and the people openly mock him. The people of Bloodwater Grove are very apathetic and concern themselves with their own settlements.

Each settlement, by law, has a segregated elven district, usually poorer, more run down, and less clean.


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