The Great Trade District

The Great Trade District is where much of the life and activity of Veil occurs. This is where the Cathedral, the Coliseum, the Conservatory, the world famous Dabneys Emporium, and the Vermillion Ilusionarium, as well as countless taverns, inns, brothels, gambling halls, illusionariums, and specialty stores. Merchants, traders, and travelers from all over Throne fill or empty their coin purses in the Great Trade District. And let’s not forget the companies. Many, many, many many, of these motherfuckers have rented garrisons here to get them some meaty contracts.

– The Great Trade District
named after the Great Trade Ward of Old Veil, this Great Trade District is 10×10 miles big. Hundreds of shops reside in the Great Trade District, as do a large concentration of garrisons for companies that are looking for work. There are also a large number of illusionariums, taverns, and inns for travelers who do not live in Veil. The Great Trade District is typically busy year round, but when it comes to the three month long Festival of the Dragonflight, it can get crowded very fast. Veil makes a lot of money during the Festival and some of gold for the crown of Throne.

The Coliseum sits in the middle of the Great Trade District and during the summer, is the epicenter of Throne for those three months of the Dragonflight Festival. When it is not Festival season, the Coliseum houses several different spectator events, like concerts, tournaments, and the like. It’s still hot shit. Even though it’s not as big as the Coliseum of Old Veil, it can still hold thousands of people.

There is also a huge Cathedral to Reohm that resides in the Great Trade District. During the year, many pilgrims make their way to Veil to pray to Reohm. This temple is called Reohm’s Divine Book.

The Great Trade District

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