The Dawnreach Lands border The North Kharudur and South Khardur Mountains, the Iron Giant Fields, the New City of Veil, and the Altric Ocean. There are seven major cities within the Dawnreach Lands: The capital city of Sunsplendor, Seastand which sits in the Altric Ocean, Reohm’s Book the coastal sister city of Seastand, Coldwater Crossing sitting at the fork of the Alduan and Dezgal Rivers, Mace Pass which stands at the mouth of the Stonehaven Plateau, Everspring at the mouth of the Ironwall Valley, and Riverhome next to the Alduan River.

The Dawnreach Lands is known for the largest agricultural output of the entire Empire. It utilizes the power of both the Alduan River and Dezgal River by controlling the Echo Cascades and the Khardur Dam to build large buildings that speed up manufacturing of many foods and materials the Empire distributes. Scattered across the Dawnreach Lands are large farms, open range ranches, villages and towns that all participate harvesting, trading, and transporting vegetable, grain, and fruit crops, as well as animals used for meat.

The Dawnreach Lands harvests and herds are dictated by the seasons as the Dawnreach Lands acutely experience each of the seasons: During Winter months it snows and nothing grows, during Spring months flowers bloom and plant-life thrive, during Summer months the lands get hot and humid, and during Autumn months the leaves fall and it gets cooler. The merchants and traders of the Dawnreach Lands use the seasonal cycles to their economic advantage by raising and lowering the prices of their goods accordingly.

The Dawnreach Lands are patrolled by the the Dawnguard, a long lived group of noble warriors that has existed for thousands of years, once known as The Gold Company. They have an historic connection to House Gregoran but has been in the employ of the Sophian Vandamere House for decades. The Dawnguard are expert cavalry, quickly responding to threats within the regions of the Dawnreach Lands.


Baron Tobias Sophian Vandamere of Sunsplendor City, the Capitol of Throne

Baron Derrick Buckley of Seastand and Reohm’s Book

Baroness Joana Holt of Coldwater Crossing

Baroness Clementine Lancaster of Mace Pass

Baron Alphonso Marlowe of Everspring City

Baroness Amber Carlisle of Riverhome

is the most productive agricultural regions in all of Throne. over 50 different types of crops grow there: tomatoes, almonds, grapes, cotton, apricots, vegetables, potatoes and basically all non-tropical crops grow in The Dawngaurd Lands.
Vineyards are plentiful here, they raise all sorts of livestock – cows, chicken, sheep – and there are dozens of ranches and farms.

the kinds of wild animals are deer, bears, wolves, cougars, all kinds of snakes,

This place is basically like Northern california.

The population in the Dawnguard Lands is double than the rest of Throne.

They hold Arena Games – WSG, AB etc. and nearly every town and city has an arena.

Criers are treated like celebrities in the Dawnguard Lands.

There’s a royal monarchy that is in charge. Currently there is a king in place, but the next in line always goes to the eldest regardless of the gender.

All family names are taken from the females side.

elves and dwarves are simply slaves. They are treated as such. Like black slaves during the Civil War. Straight up. They are lynched, whipped, and raped. They all wear collars to remind people they are slaves. They sleep in shitty barns. Like in the movie 12 years a slave, elves and dwarves are property of the ranchers and farmers and are used to work the fields. And their masters decide how to treat them
since they are their property.

There is a grasslands area where grassland type shit happens.

There is a large coastal beach region.

Seastand is considered to be a part of the Dawnguard Lands.

all types of terrain is in these lands.

there are areas of forest.

there are hills.

All four seasons occur traditionally here. Ir snows during the winter, it is green during the spring, it’s hot durign the summer, and it cools down during the fall. The agriculture follows the seasons.

The people of these lands because they are true Thronites know how to ride their horses well. Tey utiilize the roads and quicklty respond to any trouble that might

The deforested area has turned into a lot of cattle ranches. This area was once Northern Del Maleth.

fields and fields of flowers.


The Dragon Master had the Obaonese build a massive fleet of triple decker ships to sail back to the old kingdoms. They docked the fleet in a port ward of the city of veil known as


dotted across the Alduan and Dezgal Rivers are farms and ranches. These farms and ranches
belong to baronies that are loyal to the king. Most utilize windmills to power their
irrigation systems and to work their grains, corn, and shit like that.


Turtle Town – a town known for having a lot of giant turtles around.

might come in handy one day.

The Harken Wood Province – This area of land is where Spring Garden and a dozen settlements and farms call home. Filled with orchards and groves all within the Harken Woods, this province provides much of the fruits and vegetables for the Empire. Lady Delores Traskin’s personal Dawnguard – Traskin’s Riders, a company that has existed for thousands of years – rides along the roads ensuring the safety of the Harken Wood Province’s people. This is where The Meeting lies, the heart of the Dawnguard Lands.

Sir Tristan Cromwell is ruler of the Gold Husker Province, well known for it’s fields of golden corn. Corn is the major resource of the Gold Husker Province and provides the Empire with an ample supply. Sir Cromwell and his Dawnguard, the Gold Leaf Riders patrol the fields for any incursions and provide protection to the tradesmen and merchants who travel on it’s roads. There are six settlements across the Gold Husker Province, each run by one of Sir Cromwell’s squires. The Gold Husker Province is noted for having a large following of Reohm.

Dame Alyssa Reeves is the ruler of the Red Leaf Province, noted for it’s trees with year-round red leaves. Her personal Dawnguard, The Red Leaf Riders, also as old as Traskin’s Riders, patrol the province. There are six settlements, controlled by her six squires, that call The Red Leaf Province home. The Red Leaf Province is home to many Terestem followers.

Sir Warwick Stonefield is ruler of the Stonefield Province, and has held his position in the Dawnguard Knights for decades. He is a cunning man, boasting eleven settlements across the Stonefield province. The Stonefield Province is the province that produces the least food and resources, but is the wealthiest aside from The Harken Wood, due to it’s position. Stonefield is the only lands of Dawnguard that connect to Veil, the ocean, and the Alduan River. Stonefield is the hub of travel from Veil to any of the lands north and Warwick Stonefield utilizes that to his financial and political advantage. He has eleven squires that are loyal to him and his wealth. His personal Dawnguard, the Stoneshield, are some of the fiercest fighter known to the Empire.

Sir Charles Davenport is the ruler of the The Dimsdale Province. The Dimsdale Province is noted for having the best fisheries and tanneries in all of the Dawnguard Lands. There are four coastal settlements and three inland ones, all watched by one of Davenport’s squires. His personal Dawnguard are known as the Water Serpents, as they as as comfortable in the ocean, the rivers, and the land.

The Arrington Province is ruled by Dame Talia Allbrook and patrolled by her Dawnguard, The Riders of Sundown. The Arrington Province is known for it’s large stockpiles and large fields of grains and wheat and barley. Long roads vein the province and connect nine settlements and farms, all overseen by one of Allbrook’s squires.

The Knights Dawnguard don’t see eye to eye most of the time, as their longevity on the seat is determined by a monthly total for the empire, so it is not uncommon for duels or larger battles to occur between the knights. Added to the tumult is the fact that some squires were once knights and vice versa, causing generations of mistrust and politicking. Most of the time, however, the wars are waged in the council meetings or in secret letters sent to one another.

(the DAWNREACH LANDS is sectioned off into lord’s properties that border each other. usually part of the lands of the royal houses. and each lord looks upon religion and race differently. so as the PCs travel through these regions, depending on the lord or lady of the region, they will be treated differently, according to the overall laws of Throne.)


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