The Corruption

The Corruption is a disease that has no cure. Sages have said it is the result of an overexposure to magic. The infected develops large bumps on their bodies, bleeding from orifices, exponential weight loss, discoloration of skin, increased fatigued, and eventually, death.

During it’s heyday, the people of The First Alliance used magic as part of their daily lives, and it intertwined with society, even in the most mundane of ways. Magic became a commodity and was use liberally. Magic items and weapons were sold on every corner booth and every marketplace, and available to anyone who had silver. Even children carried around magical toys to, simply, play with. This was probably due to the influence of the ‘gnomes’ and their need to secretly prepare the people of the First Alliance for the eventual war with Azmodeus.

In the year 4543 AV, several hundreds of people began getting sick unexpectedly. The cause was yet undetermined and the cure unavailable even through magical means. The sages concluded that overexposure to magic was the cause and drastically reduced their dependence on magic, and was dubbed the Corruption.

This did not deter the dragons and their formation of the Dragon Armies. They decided to leave the corrupted behind, as they would be a hindrance in the battles to take back the Old Kingdoms. In the year 4546 AV, the Dragonflight occurred, abandoning the children, the elderly, and those who were corrupted.

Around 6 AD, a mysterious figure known only as the Savior traveled from city to city, town to town, village to village, healing those who were infected by the incurable Corruption. A miracle to the already devastated people of the lands, whispers began circulating this person who was always dressed in brown robes, never revealing his or her face, suggesting that the Savior was Reohm in mortal form. He healed human, dwarf, and elf alike.

For five years the Savior roamed the orc infested lands, curing those who were corrupted. Then, as soon as he arrived, he was seen no more.

To this day, the Corruption still has no cure, but it is rare to find a person who has the corruption. The people of Throne have reduced their usage of magic considerably.

The Corruption

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