The Conservatory

Rose Sylvian Vandamere, daughter of Sylvia Vandamere, grand daughter of Desmond Vandamere, and second Trade Lord of the Third Great empire of Throne, established the foundation of the Conservatory: An academy designed to control the use of magic throughout the empire of Throne.

She created three different schools within the Conservatory. The first school is the School of Custodians. The second school is the School of Criers. The Third school is the School of Arena Mages. Each school’s focus compliments a different aspect of Throne life: The Custodians help build, repair, and maintain the cities, farms, castles, irrigation systems, roads and bridges. The Criers deliver important information in magical spectacles to the citizens throughout Throne. The Battle Mages seek glory and destiny within the walls of the arenas.

The Conservatory is a large building with three large towers where the professors teach their classes. Hundreds of people enter the Conservatory and must pass a series of grueling tests in order to become a graduate of the Conservatory. Many quit after their first year while some stay on for decades attempting to finish the tests and become an important component in the empire of Throne.

Graduate Custodians are sent to a specific cities to serve under a High Custodian and to help better the lives of the people who live there. All Custodians wear the color that is associated with their school of magic.
– Abjuration: Blue
– Conjuration: Orange
– Divination: Black
– Enchantment: Green
– Evocation: Red
– Illusion: Silver/Grey
– Necromancy: White
– Transmutation: Yellow

Graduate Criers are given a brooch in the shape of a handbell and will sometimes band together to form a group while others will travel Throne alone retelling the Canticle and spreading important information from city to city.

Graduate Arena Mages almost always find an existing company to join hoping that they will find glory and honor in the arenas. They wear a pendant in the shape of a five pointed star.

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Founded by (vandamere descendant) (state the year) to properly train magic-users in the responsible use of the arcane arts for the betterment of The Kingdom of Throne, it is the official academy for Custodians and Criers alike. Nestled in the New City of Veil, apprentices from far and wide make their way to the Conservatory in hopes that, one day, after the many years of training and trials, tests and tribulations, they will be able to graduate and, inevitably, serve the Empire.

After the Corruption subsided, Valeria Vandamere in her role of Trade Lord to the Third Great Kingdom of Throne, concluded that the arcane arts were necessary for the maintenance and expansion of Throne, so long as it could be controlled. By creating an institution that would pride itself in producing responsible magic-users, and developing subtle social customs to integrate the utilization of Custodians and Criers, Valeria believed The Conservatory was key to bond the differing lands and people of Throne.

There are two schools within the Conservatory: The School of Custodians and the School of Criers.

The School of Custodians focus on the craft of combining low-level magic use and engineering skills to repair and maintain the infrastructure of the kingdom’s towers, castles, cities, settlements, irrigation systems, defenses, dams, roads, bridges, drainage, the sewers, mills, and practically anything that the Empire is structurally reliant on. Many nobles use Custodians as Custodians are known to have speed in building and the precision and quality only their magic use and engineering can create. A few nobles have retained the service of certain custodians or groups of custodians for decades in order to preserve and somewhat mark their personal style. Custodians who work on major projects or dangerous projects have been known to use of dwarven or elven slave labor as it reduces the expenses and the risk for Custodians. Custodians are recognizable by the hammer-and-chisel shaped brooch they wear.

The School of Criers focus on demonstrative spells, with attractive visual and auditory components, used to emphasize a legendary tale, an Empire-related story, or his or her own personal philosophy on historic or current events. The Criers are historians, story collectors, and distributors of news, easily recognizable brooch in the shape of a bell. They travel from settlement to settlement telling stories and gathering stories, penning them in scrolls, and sending those scrolls with their familiars to find other wandering Criers to share their tales with. The traveling, the use of magic, and the recognizable bell-shaped brooch, make the Criers a vital part of the Empire’s information network.

Many enter the Conservatory hoping to graduate and serve the Kingdom officially, but most never do. Some remain in the Conservatory for decades, maintaining their hope that they will one day pass the tests and trials. Many others, however, leave never to wear the brooch of the Conservatory. These attempt to make their own way doing either Custodian-like or Crier-like work, but within the Empire, aren’t considered as competent as those who wear the brooches of the Conservatory.

The Conservatory

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