(the SHROUDS is like an underdark dungeon crawl, but with a dystopian feel to it. random monsters with forgotten and left behind treasure. shitload of undead.)

The Old City of Veil was a wonderful marvel amongst the cities of The First Alliance. The size of a country, It spanned 200 miles x 150 miles, housed millions of people, and was the center of trade, commerce, and entertainment for thousands of years. The combination of engineering and spellcraft used to build this megalopolis has never been achieved since, and continues to be an inspiration for the Custodians of the Conservatory.

After the Dragonflight, there was no one left to tend to the complex network of streets, buildings, neighborhoods, districts, wards, and walls that made Veil the greatest city in the history of the world, so it quickly fell into disrepair and ruin. The orc tribes swarmed into Veil and sacked, plundered, and ravaged everything in their path. If not for the heroism of Lucien Blueblade, the orcs would’ve completely destroyed the once magnificent city.

Once the Third Great Kingdom of Throne was established, the Empire was unable to take back all the lands that once made up the Old City of Veil and left it to the orcs and other dark creatures that eventually made homes there. Along with the orc tribes, rumors of undead soldiers lead by a death knight, creatures with tentacles for mouths, humans who become beasts at the sight of a full moon, and gatherings of demon worshippers, abound about what lurks in the remnants of Veil, now appropriately named, The Shrouds.

(bandits and theives who have fled the justice of Throne hide in the shrouds. custodians who’ve gone mad and killed their slaves only to turn them into zombies live in the shrouds. clerics whose devotion to reohm have reached fanaticism and necromancy live in the shrouds.)

(It is rumored that a lich lives in the shrouds. It is rumored that a death knight lives in the shrouds. it is rumored that there is a group of vampires that live in the shrouds. each has their own army of undead and fight each other for power. one day, they might join forces and take on the city of veil.)

(orcs and goblins live in the shrouds. they’re kind of like the meat of the shrouds. because they reproduce so quickly.)

(all the fucking things people grew up fearing in fairy tales live inthe shrouds. they all reside in the shrouds.)

The Family of Vampires

Calista Valentine
Alice Valentine
Emily Valentine
Julien Valentine
Damien Valentine
Samuel Valentine

They live in a corner of the Shrouds in a large mansion on a hill
and the surrounding area within their gated compound. They have
a shitload of vampire spawn as their guardians against the
Lich and Barham.

They had existed from the earlier days of the arrival on obadon.
They ingrained themselves into the city of veil and ended up
becoming rich merchants. They fed at night choosing their
victims through a strange card game they would play with each other.
After the dragonflight and the orc wars, veil quickly turned into
the shrouds. the valentines defended their home by turning many
of the orcs into vampire spawn to help protect themselves.

They have been caught in the crossfire between the fight between
barham and the nameless lich.

The Nameless Lich

He lives in a corner of the shrouds and has lived there longer than
the original city of veil. When the people from the old kingdoms
arrived, they built the city above his crypt. and for the next
1000 years, had laid in wait for a time he knew would come because
his magic told him so. a time when the city would fall and he would
claim it as his own kingdom. Fall it did and turned into the shrouds.
the nameless lich took the dead and turned them into his personal army
to rule over as his warrior subjects.

Unfortunately, barham was doing the same thing in his corner of the
shrouds and eventually came into conflict with each other. now, they
wage an undead war against each other.


was once a dead moon soldier but was killed by a group of adventurers.
before he was killed however, he murdered his brother for associating
with the adventurers. As a result, and through the workings of his
dead moon soldier company, barham was turned into a death knight.
after the dragonflight, barham did not go with the dragonarmies
because undead were considered dead by the dragons. before the
dragonamries left, barham killed all the members of the dead moon soldiers
to turn them into his personal army to rule obadon. during the orc wars,
barham and his dead moon soldiers killed orcs and turned them into his
undead army.

eventually, he came into conflict with the nameless lich and has continued
to fight them to this day.

his elite soldiers are the dead moon soldiers who wear the same armor as
barham does. all other soldiers of his army do not wear the armor.


death knight

mage (ex-custodian)
cleric (fanatic)
bandits / bandit captain
rogue (some form of outlander “rogue” types)

goblins (only inthe shrouds because they died everywhere else)

carrion crawler
rust monster


Veil prevents things from the shrouds to get into the Dawnreach Lands. And the Artoria River prevents anything from getting into the Dawnreach Lands from the east.

once a year a trading caravan will come to the malgrimm to from Veil trade for rice and fruits and vegetables only the malgrimm grows. that is because the quickest way to get to Malgrimm from Veil is not the safest.The quickesy way is on the side of the shrouds that border the artoria river. that would take two to three days with horses and carts and wagons. Many attempts in the past even with companies hired
for protection, have lead to entire caravans being raided by the creatures
from the shrouds and those that escaped would only escape with their lives,
all supplies and trade goods would’ve been stolen by the creatures of the


Barham remained in Old Veil during the Dragonflight, along with some
of his Dead Moon Soldier brothers and sisters who were corrupted.
They died from the disease, but Barham brought them back as his undead
soldiers. They now roam the ruined streets and districts of the Shrouds
killing anything that is alive, incorporating them into their numbers.


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