Shadowrise Grove

Shadowrise Grove, like the other city groves of the Iron Giant Fields, is a grouping of large Great Iron Oak Trees connected by canopies of branch-bridges and a network of zip lines. Many of the city sections reside in hollowed out levels of the Great Iron Oaks. Ancient elven druid magic was the only thing that affected the Great Iron Oaks and was the reason the city groves of the Iron Giant Fields were not cut down with the rest of the forest during the War of the Iron Giants.

Shadowrise Grove is so named because of the massive shadow that the South Khardur Mountains cast over the trees during the morning hours. In fact, it does not get bright until noontime when the sun climbs over the South Khardur Mountains. As a result, the Great Iron Oaks that make up Sahdowrise Grove are colored deeper grey than the other Grove Cities.

Baron Maxim Huxley of Shadowrise Castle is found in the Alavara tree.

The Blackleaf Brotherhood – Maxim Huxley’s family has always been a part of the Blackleaf Brotherhood, even during it’s inception with Devon Blackleaf. Maxim and his Blackleaf Brothers secretly continue the work that Devon Blackleaf and his Brothers did for the community.

Four Trees:

Alavara – Where Shadowrise Castle and Baron Maxim Huxley reside. His castle, however, is on the bottom floor of Alavara, with walls surrounding the base of the tree itself. Above on hollowed out perches, are manned towers made of Alavara itself, where defense of the castle is strategic.

Dakath – housing for the nobles and the commons.

Rathal – illusionariums, taverns, brothels, gambling halls, and the arena.

Elre – The slave communities

Many farms and ranches dot the surrounding fields of Shadowrise Grove.

Shadowrise Grove

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