SEASTAND (hyperlink this to Reohm’s Book, as they are sister cities. They exist with each other)

The Dawngaurd Lands has a beach area where the townsfolk don’t even build their houses
on the beach,
they build it in the ocean. Like that one village in the human planet documentary.
They’re fishermen and they rarely go on land. And in fact, some say when they
spend too much time on land, they get land-sick (like sea sick or car sick).
Their town is basically a shitload of barge type boats strung together with rope
and can just as easily dissaseemle and reassemble in whatever combination the
people want. The Custodians of this town are very well known and well respected,
in fact the lead custodian is the Baron of the town. So this means I have to make
that town it will be called, Seastand.

These are the best fishermen in all of Throne and catch the most fish. After
generations of life at sea, they have adapted to the creatures that call the ocean
their home. From generation to generation, they have cultivated a partnership
with the doplhins of the Altric Ocean. The dolphins help them catch fish by
hearding large groups of trout towards the fishing ships so the fisherman simply
use nets and gather them up. This happens only once a month, when the dolphins
swim pattern brings them back. When the dolphins are not helping them, they rely
on themselves and their keen fishing skills acquired by a life at sea.

Orca and sharks are the natural threat to the people and the city, but sometimes
with the help of the dolphins, they are able to outmanuever them and find safety.

Random Encounters:

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After the Dragonflight, the people of Throne who were corrupted were not allowed to
come with them to the Khardur Territories. Instead, they were left to fend for
themselves against the inevitable invasion of the orc tribes. Sick, weak, and nearly
dead, the corrupted traveled to the beaches of Throne, to spend their last days there.
Many did not make it. And once they reached the beaches, even more succumbed to the
corruption. The rest waited for the orcs to finish the rest.

It was on the beaches of Throne where the Savior made his first recorded appearance and
did his first miracle. He cured every one of the corrupted who still stood on the beaches
that day. (You can tell the year by what you have on the worpdress.) There were around
1000 people left, and around 1000 people cured. The Savior disappeared to continue his
miracles across Throne.

Now cured, the people Olmahan Beach were faced with how to deal with the orcs. They did
not want to go to the Khardur Mountains, because the orcs might be waiting for them
and more importantly, their ‘children’ and their ‘parent’ left them to die. Their pride
would not let them crawl to them. So they decided to live in the waters off the Olmahan
Beaches far enough so the orcs would not be able to reach them. Since orcs are afraid
of the ocean, they hoped. Quickly, they built large barges with tiny little living
huts and, after a few years, their preparations were ready. Luckily, Lucien Blueblade
was holding off the orc tribes at the city of veil for five years, giving these people
time enough to make their barges.

They sailed miles off the coast of Olmahan Beach (It’s named Olmahan Beach because
a large formation of rocks look like an old mans hand.), tied their barges together,
and began fishing. They already knew how, but after years and years in the ocean,
they got a lot better.

They named the city Seastand.

They are a deeply religious group of people because of their personal history with
the Savior. Eventually, they built a large shrine to the Savior: A large statue of
a robed figure who’s gender is indestinguishable. A very simple, humble looking statue,
it stands on the Olmahan Beach facing Throne. This Shrine of the Savior was built
by the Seastand people and one of the few times they ever venture on land is to
pray or give tribute at the Shrine of the Savior.

They have become so familiar with the sea, they can predict when super waves, tsunamis,
or severe storms are headed their way. With this knowledge, they untie their barges
and sail for calmer waters, but always within a few miles of the coast. Because
it’d be crazy to go out any further because, ya know, it’s the ocean and ‘there be
dragons’, actually pretty literally. Ha ha ha. I’m high and funny.

As the years went on, they had to build more barges and more barges to accomodate their
population, which had grown to tens of thousands. There are currently hundreds of barges.
and each barge is 600 feet long and 100 feet wide, each able to carry people and buildings
that weigh tons and tons. Some barges carry residential buildings, others trade stores,
others are defensive barges with mechanical harpoons and shield walls, while other
barges carry taverns and illusionariums. The amount of barges and the types of buildings
they carry, in essence, is the size of a city.

At certain times of the day, they will untie the lines and reform the barges to make
it easier to do what they need to do. When it times for fishing, they strategically position
the barges to make this easier. When it’s time to defend themselves against pirates, they
position the barges for that. When it’s time to sleep, they position the barges optimally
for that. When it’s time for prayer, they form the barges for that, as well. Mainly to
allow people to move from barge to barge as efficiently as possible. Everyone in Seastand
knows when the barges will move positions and so move themselves accordingly. They change
the barge positions with complicated and calculated rope systems that ‘rope-pullers’
pull with a systemetic and specific timing. One wrong ‘pull’ and they have to start all
over again. ‘rope-pullers’ are very important people in Seastand culture. Their ability to
‘pull’ is, literally, a matter of life and death. Skilled rope pullers, which come in
the hundreds, if working perfectly in concert, can change the formation of the barges in
a matter of minutes.

That shit is like a big ass Transformer in the ocean!!!!! That shit is awesome.

The custodians are very proud of their design. (Seastand. The Transforming City. Just kidding.)

Twenty years after Seastand took to the ocean, a familiar flag flew over a passing ship.
It was the five swords of Throne on the flag. The Throne sailors and the people of Seastand
met for the first time and exchanged stories of what had gone on. Seastand was to be included
in the Third Great Kingdom of Throne, much to the discomfort of Seastand. Although they
do believe they are part of the empire of Throne, their way of life is completely different
after decades at sea. They trade with Veil and the port towns on the coast of the Dawnguard,
but do not particularly interact with the rest of Throne. They feel a little unease when
people from mainland Throne come to their city, because they are not used to Seastand’s daily
cycle of barge transitions, and they have land legs. But the types of food and materials they
are able to use for Seastand more than makes up for it.

Now, after a hundred years, Sestand remains as one of the most unique cities in all of Throne.


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