The Savior was a mysterious man who traveled the lands of Obadon, curing those who were inflicted with the Corruption. He appeared in 6 AD, first to the humans who would one day form Seastand, curing all. He then traveled to North Khardur, then Del Maleth, then South Khardur, curing the infected dwarves and elves alike. He uncannily avoided the rampaging orc tribes for five years, curing every infected person he came across. After five years, he disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.

He wore simple, plain, brown robes, and carried a large book with him everywhere he went. He rarely spoke, but when he did, it was always in cryptic verse. Many people believe him to be the mortal incarnation of Reohm, and as such, the religion of Reohm has thrived, even to this day. Reohm is the only god worshiped in Throne.

The Savior

After the Dragonflight, the people of Throne who were corrupted were not allowed to
come with them to the Khardur Territories. Instead, they were left to fend for
themselves against the inevitable invasion of the orc tribes. Sick, weak, and nearly
dead, the corrupted traveled to the beaches of Throne, to spend their last days there.
Many did not make it. And once they reached the beaches, even more succumbed to the
corruption. The rest waited for the orcs to finish the rest.

It was on the beaches of Throne where the Savior made his first recorded appearance and
did his first miracle. He cured every one of the corrupted who still stood on the beaches
that day. (You can tell the year by what you have on the worpdress.) There were around
1000 people left, and around 1000 people cured. The Savior disappeared to continue his
miracles across Throne.


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