Royal Families

The death of King-Father Valdus Sophian Vandamere caused a vacuum under the crown. Valdus had no siblings, no children and was never married. The fact that he was a man also meant that after 100 years, the King or Queen would be someone other than a Sophian Vandamere. But having no heir, the Crowns Council temporarily granted the Trade Lord Charlotte Sylvian Vandamere.

The Royal Families make up 1% of the Throne population.

The Royal Families are the families Sophian Vandamere, Sylvian Vandamere, Blueblade, Gregoran, and Cobain, direct descendants of the most influential Orphans of Throne. Utilizing the Law of Five by Five and through marriages, for over one hundred years, the members of these families have become the most powerful people in the Third Great Kingdom of Throne. The King Father and Queen Mother have always had the last name of Sophian Vandamere, but through blood, every member of the Royal Families have the blood of the ruler.

They did this to keep the bloodlines of the king or the queen pure. To keep the lineage of Throne pure. To maintain and surpass the level of achievement that only the Kingdom of Throne has achieved.

The most recent King Father Valdus Sophian Vandamere had no children and was not married when he died, leaving the crown empty, and no ruler for Throne. The interim Queen Mother is Valdus’ (aunt or uncle, whoever is the current Trade Lord), but the other Royal Families are beginning to maneuver themselves into positions of power for themselves.

House Sophian Vandamere

House Sylvian Vandamere

House Blueblade

House Gregoran

House Cobain

The Five Swords of Throne: At the beginning of the Third Great Kingdom of Throne, the dwarves of North Khardur and South Khardur gave the Orphan leaders a sword to call their own.

– Dawnbringer to Sylvia Vandamere, Dawnguard to Sophia Vandamere, Nightstrike to Muriel Blueblade, Skyfang to Isabelle Cobain, Goldstorm to Marner Gregoran.

is the title given to the ultimate ruler of Throne.
Since Throne people always take their mother’s
last name as their own, and since everyone in Throne
is believed to be family because of the Law of Five by Five,
technically, any person can become the queen mother
of the king father. But for decades, the ruler has been
a member of the Sophian Vandameres.


– The members of the noble houses are descended from the common families that members of the royal families married, thus propelling their family name into the noble houses. These families make up 9% of the Throne population.

The noble houses are a step below in social hiearchy in the
empire. these houses make up the wealthy, highly influential,
and politically savvy families. These houses own one or more
farmlands or ranches, a few hundred slaves, and an army.

Their loyalties to certain royal houses change from
generation to generation, as the noble houses try to marry
into the royal families.


The common houses are the family names that have no connection to the royal families or the noble families. The members of these families make up 90% of the population of Throne.

The common houses are the regular citizens of Throne. They are
the farmers, the builders, the ranchers, the herdsmen,
the fishermen, the humble merchants, and craftsmen.
These houses make up 90% of the population of Throne. Mostly
all of the common houses are poor, and barely able to

Royal Families

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