Old Kingdoms

Across the expanse of the Altric Ocean were the Old Kingdoms: The Ancient Kingdom of Valrim, the First Great Kingdom of Throne, the Kingdom of the Azurkan Mountains, the Irylian Empire of the Jade Forests, and the Cloud Cities of Gnascada. These were the once great civilizations that belonged to the ancestors of the humans, dwarves, and elves that call Obadon home today.

Thousands upon thousands of years ago, the demon god Azmodeus and his evil armies invaded the Old Kingdoms killing hundreds of thousands of men, women, children, animals, anything that was living and breathing, and forcing the surviving people to flee across the Altric Ocean and into the unknown. Even the dragons who flew across the skies of the Old Kingdoms as masters of their domains, were forced to retreat against the might of Azmodeus and his demon hordes.

The Kingdom of Valrim was utterly destroyed, leaving no trace of their culture or their existence except in tall tales told to children. The First Great Kingdom of Throne fell as well, but a small group of humans from Throne made it to Obadon and thrived. The Kingdom of the Azurkan Mountains were toppled, but some dwarves had also found their way to Obadon, settling in the North and South Khardur Mountains, respectively. The Jade Forests were burned to the ground along with many of the elves of the Irylian Empire. They, too, were lucky to find Obadon and settled in the forests of Del Maleth. Unfortunately, the gnomes from Gnascada were intercepted during their exodus across the Altric Ocean by the dragons and were slain. The dragons took their form and landed on Obadon, beginning their thousand year long strategy to take back the Old Kingdoms.

Eventually the Five Territories of the First Alliance was formed on Obadon. Together, as one people, the humans, the elves, the dwarves, and the ‘gnomes’, created The Veil, the immense City of Veil, and the Spires of The Veil. They created an interdependent economy, relying on one another to keep themselves safe from the demon armies outside of The Veil. The people of the First Alliance prospered in their new, protected home.

Tales of the Old Kingdoms would be past down from generation to generation, from father to son, from grandmother to grandchild, and with each retelling, making the tales that much taller until the Old Kingdoms were nothing more than myth.

Old Kingdoms

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