Old City of Veil

The City of Veil was once as large as a kingdom, stretching 200 miles x 150 miles, housed millions of people, and was the center of trade, entertainment, government, magic, engineering, and art. Merchant squares filled with magical items for sale were commonplace. Houses built on top of each other which stood hundreds of feet in the air could be seen block after block. Illusionarium towers fulfilled any and all fantasies and pleasures on every street corner. Miles and miles of roads, bridges, bazaars, libraries, schools, marketplaces, inns, taverns, travelers from Malgrimm, Del Maleth, both Khardur Mountains, frequented the many districts of the City of Veil. A massive wall surrounded the enormous city for hundreds of miles, not only protecting it’s millions of citizens, but keeping visitors in to spend all their gold. The City of Veil was the single greatest accomplishment created by mortals.

It would take weeks to get from one end of Veil to the other.

However, after the Dragonflight, the city was nearly abandoned, only occupied by those left behind by the Dragon Armies. The structures and institutions quickly crumbled, literally and figuratively, having no one to tend to them. The orc tribes eventually invaded the empty streets and the unmanned walls of Veil and destroyed what was left.

Lucien Blueblade and a handful of warriors retreated to the northernmost section of Veil

The Old City of Veil was a wonderful marvel amongst the cities of The First Alliance. The size of a country, It spanned 200 miles x 150 miles, housed millions of people, and was the center of trade, commerce, and entertainment for thousands of years. The combination of engineering and spellcraft used to build this megalopolis has never been achieved since, and continues to be an inspiration for the Custodians of the Conservatory.

After the Dragonflight, there was no one left to tend to the complex network of streets, buildings, neighborhoods, districts, wards, and walls that made Veil the greatest city in the history of the world, so it quickly fell into disrepair and ruin. The orc tribes swarmed into Veil and sacked, plundered, and ravaged everything in their path. If not for the heroism of Lucien Blueblade, the orcs would’ve completely destroyed the once magnificent city.

Once the Third Great Kingdom of Throne was established, the Empire was unable to take back all the lands that once made up the Old City of Veil and left it to the orcs and other dark creatures that eventually made homes there. Along with the orc tribes, rumors of undead soldiers lead by a death knight, creatures with tentacles for mouths, humans who become beasts at the sight of a full moon, and gatherings of demon worshippers, abound about what lurks in the remnants of Veil, now appropriately named, The Shrouds.

Old City of Veil

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