The island continent that the refugees from the Old Kingdoms fled to. Before those from the Old Kingdom arrived, the island-continent was inhabited by an advanced civilization of orcs. Once the humans, gnomes, elves, and dwarves arrived on Obadon, the orc empire was destroyed and was never able to recover, splintering into thousands of orc tribes.

The northernmost part of Obadon are the North Khardur Mountains, which once belonged to the North Khardur dwarves before the Dwarf Wars. It is a cold place, very mountainous place, with sharp cliffs that take a continuous beating from the Altric Ocean. The Stonehaven Plateau is inhospitable but people of Skygate/ Stonehaven call it home, due to the vast amounts of copper, silver, gold, and diamonds found in it’s caverns and caves. The Ironwall Valley is blessed to be surrounded by hot springs, so the city of Hearthforge receives a lot of visitors year round.

To the south of the North Khardur Mountains is the most agriculturally rich lands in all of Throne. The Dawnreach Lands is the seat of power for all of Throne. The Dawnreach Lands utilize the Alduan River to sustain several farmlands that grow vital foods and goods that provide for the entire Empire of Throne. The most unique characteristic of The Dawnreach Lands is that it experiences all four seasons and their distinct patterns. Summer is blazing hot and humid, Fall is cool with leaves of gold, red, and green, Winter freezes the ground and blankets the lands in snow, and Spring is filled with green fields, flowers that bloom, and woods with newly born green.

To the east are the South Khardur Mountains. (gotta work on the people and the geography. But it’s like Big Sur and the surrounding mountains in Northern Califormia.)

To the west of the South Khardur Mountains and south of the Dawnreach Lands, The Hushwoods. A heavily forested region of Throne that was once the home of the Del Maleth elves. The cities and towns occupied by the humans of the Hushwoods can be found thousands of feet above the Undergrowth, in the branches of the Great Iron Oak Trees. The people that call the Hushwoods home prefer the more arboreal lifestyle to the hustle and bustle of the Dawnreach of Veil.

To the south of the isle is the Grimmthorne Wilds, once called Malgrimm, a land of hills and mountains and constant wars between the remnants of the orc tribes and the people of the City of Malgrimm. (you’ll write more here. This is basically a synopsis for what lies behind the hyperlink.)

on the southwest coast of Obadon sits The Shrouds. The Shrouds were once a large part of the Old City of Veil. During the Orc Wars, the City of Veil (yada yada, you’ll fill this in later.)

What’s left of the City of Veil is a small, by comparison, 100 mile, walled grouping of castles, farmlands, districts, and ports, collectively known as the New City of Veil. (you’ll add more and you’ll hyperlink this bitch, too.)


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