Baron Zachary Kent of Hearthforge

Baron Orson Wade of Stonehaven/Skygate

Stonehaven Palteau is like the Tibet region of the Himilayas. The City of Stonehaven and Skygate calls the Stonehaven Plateau their homes. During the spring, summer, and fall seasons, Stonehaven is nearly empty except for a few miners and their slaves. Many of the people of the Plateau live in Skygate during these times. But during the winter, Skygate becomes too cold to bear, and so the inhabitants of Skygate travel to Stonehaven, the ancient city of the dwarves, and lock the gates to wait out the winter months inside the fortress city of Stonehaven.

The Ironwall Valley is where the Hearthforge Hot Springs are located, making Hearthforge a place to go when it’s not summer, as everyone who is anyone goes to Veil for the summer. Hearthforge contains the most illusionariums, the most gambling halls, a year round Dragon Games tournament, and a lot of entertainment. The wealthy and well to do often take trips to Hearthforge for a little fun and relaxation. But away from the warming hot springs of Hearthforge, the rest of the Ironwall Valley is a cold, unforgiving, dangerous, and rocky place. The road to Hearthforge is usually patrolled by Hearthforge companies to help travelers get to and from Hearthforge. Next to Veil, Hearthforge is a city that makes most of it’s gold through entertainment, as their mines ran dry centuries ago.

NORTH KHARDUR is like a mountain adventure. but has a desolate feel to it. Stonehaven especially. Like Tibet. Cold large plateaus with no trees and a bright sun. Even flying animals are rare. a long quiet only interrupted by the echoes of wind. Even in Hearthstone, even with the hot springs, it’s still feels very desolate outside of Hearthstone. Hearthstone, itself actually, is a very
hustle and bustle city. It’s like Las Vegas. And just like Las Vegas, there’s nothing but desolation outside of Hearthstone.


city watch (each city)
arena challenger
ranger of the mountain
escaped dwarf slave


storm giant – there’s a Canticle for this
cloud giant – there’s a Canticle for this
frost giant – there’s a Canticle for this
medusa – there’s a Canticle for this
yeti – there’s a canticle for this

carrion crawler
purple worm
umber hulk

black bear
deer (different type of deer)

giant ram
giant goat
winter wolf

North Khardur

North Khardur is basically like the himilayas. the seasons are the same and the same kind of lifestyle is there. Except they also have mountains filled with all sorrts of precious metals and gems. In fact, North Khardur is where most of the mining economy comes from. copper, gold, silver, and and even diamonds come from North Khardur.

They use the dwarves to do a lot of the mining for them and when the day is done, place them back in their concentration camps. the dwarves are pretty much broken people now. betrayed, beaten, and homeless, as they are not allowed the conforts of their caverns, the dwarves have practically accepted their lot in life. Most humans of North Khardur do not treat the dwarves poorly, they essentially treat them as

Stonehaven, the dwarven city, has been relatively abandoned. As have all the towns and villages that made up the Territory of North Khardur.


a few miles outside of Stonehaven, there is a valley. This Stonehaven Valley is much like Tibet, a flat plateau that is dirt and rocks and very minimal plant life. In this valley rests the human city of SKY GATE.

There are herds of goats and yak and giant rams that the people herd around Sky Gate. There are also sabre-toothed tigers that prey on the giant rams.

SKY GATE stands near a small river named The Sky Gate River. During the winter, it freezes, like everything else in the Stone Haven Valley, so the people of Sky Gate make their way into Stonehaven for the winter. They take with them three months worth of food and supplies and hold up in ancient dwarven fortress.

The dwarves come with them, but are still corraled in decrept living conditions.

During the spring, summer, and fall, the Sky Gate River flows, providing enough water for grains that provide bread and noodles. They use the goats and yaks for cheese and yogurt. There is also a plant that only grows in the Stonehaven Valley, and it provides a decent amount of nuts thatr the Sky Gate people gather for the winter.

In order to scale the sheer cliffs of North Khardur, the dwarves used to use the Giant Rams that made their home alongside the dwarves. Humans have tried to utilize the giant rams, but seem to only be able to ride them on flat land because they do not have the stability of the dwarves. Instead, they use their horses to
ride across the valleys and they use the rams as beasts of burden.

The reason people even live here, and only the tough can survive in the Stonehaven Valley, is because of the mines. The coppertooth mine, the silvertooth mine, and the goldtooth mine. These mines provide not only vast amounts of gold, silver, and copper, but are known to provide large amounts of diamonds, rubies, and other precious gems. During the spring, many merchants and traders make their way to Sky Gate and trade. During the summer, merchants and traders from Sky Gate make their way to Veil for the Festival of the Dragonflight.


The Ironwall Valley is home to the abandoned fortress city of Ironwall, which has become to rubble during the orc wars. But the Valley that is adjacent to Ironwall is a very unique place in Throne. There are several hot springs that provide the entire Valley with a cool climate, even during the winter. A city has emerged as a result named Hearthforge Springs.

From the springs come a lot of vegetation and plantlife that provides sustainence to the people and animals that live there.

Animals include goats, yaks, rams, snow rabbits, snow deer, snow leopards, snow monkeys, and snow apes. and foxes, and eagles.

Hearthforge Springs does not have the mines like Sky Gate, but many of the wealthy and noble families often make trips to Hearthforge Springs to experience it’s warm springs, and vibrant animal and plant life. This is a touristy-type place.

There are rumors that a volcano is somewhere in the Ironwall mountain range, but so far, not even the dwarves could find it.


old shit

The Kirgan Valley is a shallow valley located in the northwestern part of the North Khardur Mountains. It is home to the city of Stonehaven, the dwarven controlled settlement of Jomorac, the Coppertooth Mines, and the city of Panetum Pass. It is cold and often snows in The Kirgan Valley.

Stonehaven – Is located in a shallow valley called the Kigran Valley in the northwestern part of the North Khardur Mountains. It is a massive, fortified city, home to Baron Turus Ovashar. He rules over the Kirgan Valley, overseeing the mining at the Coppertooth Mines, maintains the settlement of Jomorac, and ruling Stonhaven and Panetum Pass. He isn’t particularly fond of the dwarves and treats them with disdain. However, among the humans of Stonehaven, he is considered to be fair and just. There are several companies that reside in Stonehaven, with the main military force of The Stone Cloaks protecting the city, the other companies are contracted to roam the entirety of the Kirgan Valley. The vineyards of Stonehaven create the best wines the Empire has ever seen.

Jomorac – Jomorac is nothing more than a small series of caves that around five hundred dwarves call home. These dwarves are monitored and supervised by a company called, The Lamias. These dwarves work in the mines for housing and food within the caves of Jomorac. No dwarf is ever allowed to leave The Kirgan Valley, unless for unusual or illegal reasons. These caves are squalid, destitute, and sad. The dwarves live under the thumb of Baron Turus Ovashar.

Coppertooth Mines – These mines are rich in copper. The Jomorac Dwarves mine the ore. Many a dwarf has lost his or her life in the mines. The Lamias run the mines and provide the dwarves.

Panetum Pass – fortified, walled, and smaller than Stonehaven, Panetum Pass is city that connects The Kirgan Valley to the Dawnguard Lands. Baroness Kimori Tadellin, a vassal to Ovashar, and in turn a vassal of Lord Quinley Zasken. Panetum Pass is strategic in The Kirgan Valley’s defense as it is the only way in. Panetum Pass houses a number of companies all contracted to make sure no enemies get passed. Baroness Tadellin is quiet and reserved and has been known to be a bit more compassionate towards the Jomorac Dwarves, although her compassion ends there. Panetum Pass has three large towers that allows the soldiers to see enemy armies from all sides.

The Starvale is a large valley in the middle of the North Khardur Mountains. Like the other valleys of North Khardur, is cold, and is filled with snow. However, a series of natural hot springs have made Heartforge a city of comfort within the cold mountains. Five other fortified cities dot the Starvale; Kizen, Narond, Johala, Sarkim, and Morus, each controlling a mine of their own.

Hearthforge – Hearthforge may have the hot springs, but they also boast a military power of an army. Lord Quinley Zasken himelf resides in Hearthforge, along with his personal company of thousands of soldiers, The Iceguard. The hot springs make the living in the North Khardur Mountains bearable. Hearthforge is part resort, part castle. Lord Zasken is an affable man, a bit obese, but friendly to everyone. He feels pity for the dwarves and does his best to accommodate their needs. Unfortunately, Zasken is also lazy man, who leaves much of the decision making to his counselors.

Kizen, Narond, Johala, Sarkim, and Morus all have a company and a mine to themselves and are fortified. They surround Heartforge in the pattern of a star, hence the name Starvale.

Ironwall is a heavily fortified, well armed, garrisoned, city that rests on a large plateau in the south eastern region of the North Khardur Mountains. It connects itself to The Rose Griffin Mines. It’s ruler is Baron Arondel Akellis. He is a iron-willed but well respects leader. Baron Arondel Akellis was a great fighter and a hero to Throne. He outwardly opposes Lord Quinley Zasken but does not have the manpower or political know how to replace him as Lord of North Khardur. The people of Ironwall keep to themselves, waiting for their time and their hero to lead them to glory.

the abandoned dwarven territory. pretty much abandoned. many underworld denizens have made homes there and try to raid the Valleys of North Khardur. Fucking assholes.


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