Nasera is an ancient elven city located in the Hushwoods region of Throne. During the Time of the Veil, the elves of Del Maleth took centuries to sculpt their cities atop the Great Iron Oak Tree groves that dotted their forests To the elves, their cities were always considered to be ‘evolving works of art’ for as the Great Iron Oaks grew, so did their designs of their cities. Above all other elven cities of Del Maleth, Nasera was considered the greatest and most beautiful.

After the Dwarf Wars, Throne entered the Del Maleth forests and occupied all the elven cities, including Nasera, and displaced the elven populations into concentration camps. During the Iron Giant Wars, many of the forces that resisted Throne occupation were defeated and retreated to the forests south of the Dwendel River, renaming the forested area The Hushwoods. As a result of the influx of forest spirits, fey creatures, and nature magic, the Hushwoods gradually became a far more enchanted and mysterious place.

This had a direct effect on the humans who called the Hushwoods their home. Decades of living in tree canopies with the creatures of the forest, the humans grew to accept and integrate a more natural way of living. Elven customs and traditions coalesced with Throne ones creating a very unique culture only found in the Hushwoods.

Nasera, located in the heart of the Hushwoods, blending perfectly with the Great Iron Oak Grove that cradles the city, is still considered one of the most beautiful cities within the empire of Throne. Through countless centuries the druids have subtly shaped the branches of these trees to connect to one another, creating natural bridges, roads, and buildings between Great Iron Oaks and their groves.

For the past decade or so, the elves of Nasera have been marked ‘Free’ but the High Custodian. They have been allowed to own property, trade, and participate in city life just as any human would. However, they do live in a segregated area of Nasera and usually never venture out of there, only allowed to trade within Nasera only. As a result, theses elves live impoverished lives, in comparison, the humans, who are allowed to take their ware to Veil or the Dawnreach or the Iron Giant Fields.

Because of the design, patience, and care of the ancient elves, Nasera is difficult to find unless one knows exactly where it is located. It is so well ingrained with the Giant Iron Oaks that many visitors miss the entire city upon their first visit. Because of this, The people of Nasera rarely get visits from traders, merchants, or visitors from the other regions of Throne. As a result, the people of Nasera provide for themselves.


The People of Nasera use the moonblooms / moonshrooms as a source of light in the usually dark and gloomy Hushwood Forests. There’s a monthly festival of the Moonbloom which is basically a rave/burning man/coachella type event.

The remaining two cities of the Hushwoods – Nasera and The Web Terraces – adjusted their relationship with their elven slaves

While The Web Terraces

Nasera, located in the heart of the Hushwoods and occupied by humans for

wrapping it’s streets, buildings, garrisons, and fruit farms around the Great Iron Oak Groves found around the Hushwoods.


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