The city of Malgrimm was once known as Malagath, capitol city of the Territory of Malgrimm.

area where Malgrimm sits is one of the driest places in all of the Grimmthorne Wilds. Fresh water is scarce in the hills of the Wilds, and it rarely rains. However, the Custodians of Malgrimm have devised a clever way of bringing freshwater to the people. Like all dry hilly areas, they once were the beds and shores of a mighty river that dried up a long time ago. The Custodians knew this and so begane digging wells in strategic locations connected to an underground river they call, The Sunken River. Over time, in order to capitalize on the several wells around Malgrimm, they connected the wells with tunnels (like that group of dudes in the desert from Human Planet) so the water from The Sunken River, which is actually a large tributary of the Artoria river, could flow to the farmlands that would not exist without utilizing the Sunken River. These tunnels have also revealed caverns and caves that have yet to be explored.

The entire city along with it’s surrounding rice paddies, crops, wells, and farmlands are contained within their massive walls. The custodians are extremely proud of this accomplishment.

They grow rice within man-made paddy fields surrounding Malgrimm. (like in Wild China) They’re able to grow vegetables as well. They eat a combination of the meat they hunt,
the rice, and vegetables. (I’d call it a Beef and Veggie Bowl from Yoshinoya).

Because they are able to take advantage of the Sunken River, Malgrimm also has plant life growing around the city as well. bushes, small tress, and grass dot the hills around Malgrimm.
While the most of the Wilds is dry and arrid, the hills around Malgrimm are green and alive.


over a century of elven influence, many ofthe humans have adopted a spiritual view of the elven animal spirits. The Bear, the Wolf, the Snake, the Tiger, and the Eagle are just as revered as the Faith of Reohm. In fact, many of the Reohmites who live in Malgrimm have incorporated the Five Animals into their tenets and teachings. These Reohmites of Malgrimm are considered an off-shoot of the Faith of Reohm and are treated as a secondary denomination. (Kind of like Catholics and Christians.)

The garb, the culture, the traditions of the elven tribes are part of the Malgrimm way of life, especially since the humans believe that the spirit animals have helped keep them safe from the constant threat of orc attacks.


Once a year, merchants and traders from Veil trade with Malgrimm for tons of rice and their furs. They take a trip the wilds are like china mongolia

Malagath is a huge fortress-city, boasting an army called, the Azul, the traditional guard to the old Trade Lord Marathel Malagath, whose family continues to exist as influential members of Malagath society. Baroness Marjorie Malagath presides over Malagath, as has Malagath’s over the centuries. Malagath produces the most tobacco and cotton for the Empire and controls and protects the Cloud Fields, the stretch of fields that contain the tobacco and cotton.

The heavily garrisoned and fortified city of Malgrimm, named so after the territory, is where Lord Eloso Mazurka resides with his army called The Blackleaf Brotherhood. Eloso Mazurka is a descendant of Devon Blackleaf, fabled hero of Malgrimm, who single-handedly killed a dragon during the Dragon Wars. He is a strategist, through and through, fighting an endless war with the orcs and elf tribes of the Grimmthorne Wilds. Although his Blackleaf Brotherhood is outnumbered ten to one, he is able to maintain his holdings because of his cunning mind.

  • because I changed the size of Throne, this place is MALGRIMM not Malagath.
    1) Malgrimm – this place is pretty close to the shrouds. the people here have fought a shit ton of battles because there are some goblin bandits that occupy the shrouds and have been attacking them for decades. The orc tribes have often attacked, and at one time, sacked this city. But Throne forced the orcs out. Those orc tribes that once called Malgrimm home have been trying to get it back. Malagath is attacked by those orc tribes at least once a month, but Malagath always defeats them.

There are three orc tribes. The Blood Fingers, The Rock Skins, and The Yellow Hands. As often as they attack Malagath, they attack each other. Hey, ya know, that how orcs are. By nature, orcs do not farm or herd or anything like that. They simply take. They attack and take it for themselves. That’s how orcs are. They are natural marauders. And they breed like crazy. Some rangers have joked, “They breed just as quickly as they kill each other.”

Malagath has high walls, towers with ballista and rows and rows of archer nooks. The whole city is walled, their farmlands are walled, they grazing lands are walled, their smaller villages and towns, everything is walled. And each wall is patrolled and manned by several different companies that serve the Lord (Lady?) of Malagath. But the castle, the different farms, the storages, etc, are not connected. Each of these things have their own wall. So to travel from wall to wall must be escorted by soldiers every single time.

Malagath is located on one of the highest hills in the Wilds, so has advantage against all attackers from any side. Malagath’s defenses have only fallen once, to the orcs, and that was because no one was left to fight except the children, the elderly, and the sick. Once they got the city back, custodians from the conservatory began improving the material, the designs of the defenses, and positioning for optimal defense. The Custodians here are well known and well respected.

There are a lot of high grasslands in the hills around Malagath and is native to tigers, snakes, and eagles, which is the totem spirits of the elf tribes respectively. Since these elf tribesmen have integrated into their culture, the humans have adopted many of the elves dress. The nobles of Malagath wear tiger skin capes, or snake skin gloves, or hats with large eagle feathers. Not as a sign of disrespect, but of admiration. Although there is a little tinge of co-opting a culture, but, hey, you know.

Ironically, Malgrimm is walled as was Throne a few hundred years earlier. Once Throne became the Third Empire, they took down their walls to take advantage of their lands. However is was Custodians from Throne who helped reconstruct the walls of Malagath. They are not finished. They actually want to create tunnels from farm to farm to storage to storage to castle to make travel safer. This, they beleive could allow them to create safe marketplaces, illusionariums, shit like that and, possibly, even one day, they can make a second Veil (Second meaning to the old bad ass Veil, not the current, puny, shadow of old veil.) As you can tell, construction is going really slow because the attacks from the orcs. and golbins.

These dudes are fighters, warriors, and they drink a lot, they fuck a lot, and they battle a lot. Not with each other. The people of Malagath are united as fuck. The battles they fight are with the orcs, goblins, and ogres, and giants, and shit that keep attacking them. In fact, for every battle someone has been a victor in, he or she gets a tattoo that symbloizes the victory. The more tattoos, the more respected. Also, certain tattoos are recognizable because they represented a famous battle. Something like the axe-breaker tattoo because of (some long ass story, that is even part of the

They get along pretty well with the elf tribes and treat them as equals, often allowing them inside their walls for a respite from battle. Sometimes, the elven tribes have even helped the people of Malagath, either by joining them in battle or giving them information they have regarding their enemies.

Since the dragonflight and the orc invasion, the elf tribes were nearly wiped out, if not for the help from the people of Malagath and Malgrimm. With their very, very, very small numbers, the elves from different tribes became citizens and new brothers and sisters in Malagath and Malgrimm. The eagles, snakes, and tigers, integrated into Malagath, while the bear and the wolf integrated with Malgrimm.

  • Malgrimm becomes Malagath and Malagath no longer exists.
    2) Malgrimm
  • This means all five elf tribes are integrated into Malgrimm.
    Fashion sense, wolf pelts, and bear skins.

They do the tattoo thing, too.

The local company that protects Malgrimm is the Sentinel of Malgrimm, a private company owned by Bartholomew Smythe. The Sentinels are some of the best warriors in the Wilds. Many of the members used to belong to other companies but were offered substantial benefit for joining Smythe’s Sentinels. Many of the Sentinels are covered in tattoos, having participated and won many battles of the Wilds.


A person wearing a specific tattoo means they were involved in a famous battle throughout the hundreds of years of war with the orc tribes.

Some of the more famous tattoos:
– A wolf’s head – The Battle of Bernhold Hill, 200 warriors vs. 1000 orcs.
– the words “Forgotten Child” – The Battle of the Lost Children, where orcs slaughtered a village including all the children. This battle was for revenge.
– A ram’s horn – The Battle of the Running Dwarfs – a battle in which runaway dwarf slaves were protected against hordes of orcs. Only 25 survived this battle.


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