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The story of Veil: Bloodlines begins with the death of the King-Father. The Royal Families move themselves into positions of power. The Barons become negotiable allies. The lands they control become valuable assets. And the common people will inevitably have to make a choice.

Welcome to the Third Great Kingdom of Throne.

125 years ago, The Dragonflight took most of the First Alliance across the Altric Ocean to reclaim their lands from the Old Kingdoms, lost thousands of years before to Azmodeus and his devil armies. They sailed in massive ships, ultimately abandoning their children, their elderly, and their sick, to fend for themselves, knowing they would be of no use in the upcoming wars.

However, because of gritty determination, uncanny willpower, and cold-hearted cunning, those that were left behind, survived. They survived for decades. And not only that, they thrived. They thrived for generations.

They built the Third Great Kingdom of Throne, an empire that, so far, has lasted for over a century. It’s an empire of purebloods, an empire of gold, and an empire, now, on the verge of collapse.

Let’s play.

Main Page

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