Lucien's Wall

The wall is 100 miles across. On foot, it would take a little over 4 days
to walk across. On horseback it would take roughly two days.

Lucien’s Wall is the name given to the wall that separated the Old Harbor Ward from the other districts of the Old City of Veil. In building Old Veil, the engineers of the time erected walls between the different wards of the city to keep specific social classes and ethnic humans separated.

After the Dragonflight and during the Orc Wars, Lucien Blueblade used the wall of the Harbor Ward as a choke point to defend the Orphan’s escape to North Khardur from the rampaging orc tribes. He defended the wall for a year with the help of a handful of brave warriors. The first four years, he and his companions lead the orc tribes on a series of wild goose chases across the Old City of Veil until finally reaching the Harbor Ward to make his final stand on the wall.

This heroic deed saved the Orphan’s and undoubtedly was one of the reasons the Third Great Kingdom of Throne was able to rise. As a result, the wall was named after him.

To this day, Lucien’s Wall continues to protect the City of Veil as the doorway to the Third Great Kingdom of Throne.

Lucien's Wall

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