Lucien Blueblade

Lucien Blueblade was a noble of the Throne Territory that was part of the First Alliance. He was an elderly man of sixty years old by the time of the Dragonflight and so was left behind with the other elderly, the children, and the corrupted. He was the father of Muriel Blueblade and became a legend after he and a small band of elderly warriors prevented the orc tribes advancement into the Throne Territory for five years. He eventually died at the hands of the orc tribes, but the people of Throne revere him for his sacrifice.

After the Dragonflight and during the Orc Wars, Lucien Blueblade used the wall of the Harbor Ward as a choke point to defend the Orphan’s escape to North Khardur from the rampaging orc tribes. He defended the wall for a year with the help of a handful of brave warriors. The first four years, he and his companions lead the orc tribes on a series of wild goose chases across the Old City of Veil until finally reaching the Harbor Ward to make his final stand on the wall.

This heroic deed saved the Orphan’s and undoubtedly was one of the reasons the Third Great Kingdom of Throne was able to rise.

Lucien Blueblade made his last stand in the Harbor Ward of old veil. The Harbor Ward was where the Dragonflight took place and where old veil would receive ships from all across Obadon. Lucien was able to fend off the orc tribes for five years because it naturally was protected from two sides by the large artoria river, and had a wall bordering the other wards (which was the desgin of old veil) so Lucien held the Harbor Ward for a year. The earlier four years, he would lead the orcs on a wild goose chases all across old veil.

After Lucien was defeated, the orcs advanced onto Throne. After the Thronic humans and dwarves took back Veil, they realized they didn’t have enough manpower to completely defend the entirety of old veil. It was too big. And the orcs continued to multiply that they kept coming in.

So the humans decided reinforce the Harbor Ward, make it a smaller version of old veil, and use it as a strategic point to keep what lurks in the shrouds away from the Dawngaurd Lands and the rest of Throne.

Lucien Blueblade

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