Law of Five by Five

After the Dragonflight and during the Orc Wars, the Orphans of Throne incorporated a mandate to all Orphans of Throne. It was created to repopulate and provide, from birth, well-trained and disciplined soldiers for Throne.

It was called The Law of Five by Five.

The Law of Five by Five simply stated, “Every woman must have five different children from five different men.” Every female was to have at least one child from five different males. It was an idea Sylvia Vandamere suggested after realizing the greatest power the humans of Throne had was that they aged quicker than the dwarves and elves. Which meant they’d reach adulthood, learn skills, and develop strengths much earlier than their adolescent dwarven and elven peers.

Once a female Orphan reached birthing age, she was expected to give birth every year for the next five years to a different man. The Orphans committed top the Law and in a matter of generations, the population of Throne swelled to tens of thousands.

The Law of Five by Five showed the people of Throne the power that women had over men: The ability to create life. In all of Throne’s history, out of all the wars fought, the height of achievements reached, and the structural marvels that were made, nothing could compare to what the women of Throne provided for the empire. They gave Throne a future.

As a result, the children of the Orphans took their mother’s last names instead of their fathers. Heirs were the eldest child, regardless of gender. Generals in armies, High Custodians, Dragon Champions, leaders of regions, and even the crown of Throne could be placed on the head of a woman just as easily as a mans.

And it would be so to this day.

Law of Five by Five

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