House Sylvian Vandamere

descendants of Sylvia Vandamere
– The Sylvian Vandameres
their bloodlines can be traced to Sylvia
Vandamere, the first trade lord of veil of
the third great kingdom of throne. All subsequent
Trace Lords have come from this branch of the
royal families.

– Sophia and Sylvia and muriel take it
– sophia becomes queen, sylvia becomes trade lord, and muriel becomes
– Sylvia marries Marcel Cobain
– Sophia marries Marner Gregoran
– Malgrimm revolts, malgrimm is quelled
Sylvia sends lumberers to Del Maleth to cut it down. This begins
the War of the Iron Giants

– Malgrimm revolts, Malgrimm is quelled
– The War of the Iron Giants ends, and they get to building cities.
This war lasted ten years.
– marraiges continue tightening the bloodlines between the five
royal families.

– Malgrimm revolts. Malgrimm is approached with a pact. They govern
themselves, as long as they agree Malgrimm is part of Throne.
Malgrimm agrees and they create a trade agreement because Malgrimm
needs supplies sometimes.
– Sophia dies. Her daughter, Elena takes her place. She has three
children, an eldest son, a middle daughter, and a yougest son.
her eldest son, Bertram died mysteriously. Her middle daughter, Annabelle
was married to Conrad Cobain.
Sylvia dies later on in the century, her eldest daughter, Rose, married
to Charles Blueblade, and Rose becomes Trade Lord

– Rose creates the Conservatory in Veil, where there’s a lot of Blueblade
influence. Together with Charles they create the custodians.
the custodians go out into the world to rebuild Throne into the kingdom
it was destined to become. They go to each city and begin making plans
to create a unique kind of city that Throne has never seen.
– the new city of Veil gets some upgrades, as does the cities of the
Dawnreach Lands
– The Coliseum is built.
– Annabelle Sophian’s daughter, Viscera marries Gunther Gregoran.

– Elena dies, and Annabelle Sophian takes over. Rose Sylvian has a son,
named Shawn Sylvian
– The Rice Terraces of Malgrimm were created by custodians.
– The Web Terraces were built.
– The cliff cities of Stormperch were enhanced.
– Viscera Sophian has a daughter named, Crescenta Sophian.

– Rose dies, and Shawn Sylvian Vandamere become the Trade Lord.
– Annabelle Sophian is a devout Reohmite. She instills traditions and
customs that all her subjects must practice. Go to church once a day,
go to temple once a week, stuff like that.
– Shawn Sylvian marries Lauren Cobain and have a son named Victor Cobain.
– Shawn Sylvian creates the division of Criers within the Conservatory.
– Shawn develops the Crier routes and canticles
– A few elven riots occur but are quickly quelled.

– Annabelle Sophian dies and Viscera Sophian takes over. Viscera Sophian
marries Enger sylvian, but he dies of unknown causes. Viscera remarries
Donovan Cobain.
– This is a golden age under Viscera Sophian and her ‘uncle’ Shawn. They
use religion, criers, custodians, the coliseum, and veil to bring
everyone in Throne together. Well, at least the humans. The people of the
wilds and the near forgotten people of nasera were as happy as they could
make themselves.

– Shawn Cobain dies and his son Victor Cobain takes over. He’s okay. nothing
big. The Dragon Games, which took the local veil celebration/rememberance
of the Dragonflight, becomes very popular but that is not Victor’s doing.
That is because the people of Throne needed distractions from how poor they
were while the nobles and the royals lived in golden palaces and shit.
– Dragon Champions became celebrities, near royalty themselves.
– Criers became celebrities, getting highly creative in telling their
stories with use of magic and illusions.
– the people of Throne are starved for distraction which the dragon games
and the criers provide.
– Viscera gives birth to a son, and only a son, named Valdus.
Victor Cobain dies and his son, Lionel Cobain takes Trade Lord, he quickly
marries Charlotte Sylvian Vandamere and then he mysteriously dies. Since
they had no children, Charlotte becomes the Trade Lord.
– More Dragon Champions, the Dragon Games and the Festival of the Dragonlfight
become huge. Cities make their own tournaments of the dragons. they
eventually create the dragon games to incorporate the champions of each
city to make a realmwide tournament to determine the best of the best.
the empire is very into it.
– The Book of Reohm is as influential as ever. It is weaved into everything
Throne does, including the Games.

– the beloved Queen Mother Viscera dies and Valdus becomes King Father.
– Valdus Vandamere is king. he is unmarried. he is young. many of the
royal houses, and even of the noble houses are trying to woo his ass
because they know his child will bear the new last name of the crown.
a first in Throne history.
– But then he dies suddenly of a heart attack, leaving no one to wear
the crown.
– Charlotte Sylvian Vandamere is Trade Lord.

House Sylvian Vandamere

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