House Barlow

House Barlow controls the prominent barony of Flightlook Grove through Veronica Barlow, the opinionated, narrow-minded, expressive baroness. Her family was able to tame the griffons of Flightlook to become their steeds during the War of the Iron Giants, which some, mainly her own family, believes to be the reason why Throne won that war. With their central location in the Iron Giant Fields and their ability to respond quickly to threats by way of their griffons, House Barlow is a dominant force in the region.

The Barlows own all of the farms and ranches within the Flightlook Grove barony and sends several caravans to Veil on a weekly basis to trade for luxuries from the other regions.

House Barlow is loyal to the Royal House Sylvian Vandamere and believes they should be the family that keeps the crown.

Adriel Barlow, cousin to Veronica Barlow, is the High Priest of Mace Pass which gives House Barlow connections to the Dawnreach and by extension, North Khardur.

House Barlow

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