Ghostleaf Grove

Ghostleaf Grove, like the other city groves of the Iron Giant Fields, is a grouping of large Great Iron Oak Trees connected by canopies of branch-bridges and a network of zip lines. Many of the city sections reside in hollowed out levels of the Great Iron Oaks. Ancient elven druid magic was the only thing that affected the Great Iron Oaks and was the reason the city groves of the Iron Giant Fields were not cut down with the rest of the forest.

Ghostleaf Grove is a collection of five Great Iron Oaks. The five trees are 1000′ wide and reach up to 2000′ high. Each tree is it’s own distinct region, literally segregating many communities.

Elyon – The central tree. Elyon is the only way to enter the City of Ghostleaf Grove. At the base of Elyon is a massive gate – called the Folmon Gate – that keeps intruders out while keeping the citizens of Ghostleaf Grove safe. Inside Elyon at the Folmon Gate level are stables for the horses of the Ghostleaf Riders and their garrisons. Large stairs lead up 100′ to the second tier of Elyon, the Kyrtaar Reception Hall, where all visitors must be greeted by one of the Baron’s Administrators. Once an Administrator allows passage into Ghostleaf, the visitor is lead up another set of stairs to the third tier of Elyon, the Elyon Hub. It is from the Elyon Hub that visitors can take the branch-bridges or zip lines to the other trees of Ghostleaf.

Vuduin – Is where the arena, the marketplace, the church, and the illusionariums are.

Qildor – Common houses

Zaltarish – Noble houses

Kindroth – Segregated elven community

Church of Reohm – Located at the highest tier of Vuduin, it’s towers spiral above the tree line.

Baron Kurtis Warfield lives in Ghostleaf Castle in the Elyon Tree.

Ghostleaf Castle – jutting out of the hollowed out fifth tier of Elyon, Ghostleaf Castle is made up entirely of the Great Iron Oak Elyon itself.

Ghostleaf Rider live on the bottom level of Elyon in their garrisons.

On the ground floor of Ghostleaf are several farms and ranches that stretch for miles.

Random Encounters:
Ghostleaf Riders

Randon Locations:
The groves
The fields below
Small rivers
empty field
High grassland field

Ghostleaf Grove

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