Flightlook Grove

Flightlook Grove, like the other city groves of the Iron Giant Fields, is a grouping of large Great Iron Oak Trees connected by canopies of branch-bridges and a network of zip lines. Many of the city sections reside in hollowed out levels of the Great Iron Oaks. Ancient elven druid magic was the only thing that affected the Great Iron Oaks and was the reason the city groves of the Iron Giant Fields were not cut down with the rest of the forest during the War of the Iron Giants.

Four Trees:

Taerntym – The entrance to Flightlook Grove and at the top of Taerntym resides Baroness Veronica Barlow in the Flightlook Castle. Taerntym is also where the arena, the marketplace, and the illusionariums are. They are located on the second tier.

Luirlan – The common houses are located on between the first through third tiers, while the noble houses live on the fourth tier.

Lyari – is the tree where the griffons roost. The Sky Dancers raise and train and keep their griffons here. This is where the Sky Dancers reside.

Tolthe – the slaves segregated community.

Baroness Veronica Barlow

The Griffon Riders of Flightlook – Sky Dancers – Barlow’s Riders

Several farms and ranches are located at the bottom of Flightlook that goes on for miles.

Flightlook Grove

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