Dragon Armies

The Dragon Masters were the ancient group of dragons that killed the gnomes of Gnascada on their way to the lands of Obadon. They took the form of the gnomes, beginning their long and complicated plan to take back their lands in the Old Kingdoms.

Once they arrived on Obadon disguised as the gnomes, they befriended the other Old Kingdom refugees. Those humans from Throne, humans from Valrim, the elves from Irylia, and the dwarves of the Azurkan Mountains, created a pact with one another, as they shared the same overwhelming fear of discovery and destruction from Azmodeus and his demons. Together, as the First Alliance, they constructed the Veil, covering the entire Isle of Obadon in a shimmering, translucent field that kept the lands and the people invisible to those outside of the Veil. They created the unique, kingdom-sized, advanced, megalopolis known as the City of Veil, where millions of people from far and wide would call home. Lead by the gnomes foresight (or the dragon’s ambition), the people of the First Alliance thrived, keeping peace for thousands of years, building cities that reached the skies, constructing magical items integrated into their daily lives, and reaching a level of power that they had never achieved before.

Unbeknownst to the rest of Obadon, the ‘gnomes’ were subtly building an army with the intent of sailing back to the Old Kingdoms. Every sword forged, every spell practiced, every soldier trained, every company formed, every army raised, would eventually become the Dragon Master’s pieces. Every healthy man and woman, human, elf, and dwarf, would be their soldiers. Every resource found on Obadon would fuel their return. The Dragon Masters would lay their eggs in the Towers of The Veil, and bide their time until their hatchlings were old enough to lead their armies.

Thousands of years after landing on Obadon, the Dragon Masters and their matured children would reveal themselves to the people of the First Alliance. The Towers erupted with chromatic and metallic dragons alike. The Veil dissolved into nothingness, proving it was nothing more than a glamoured skyline. They subjugated all, and those who opposed, would easily fall to the dragon’s might. Soldiers for the Dragon Armies were collected, one by one, from territory to territory, from city to city, warriors, mages, clerics, rogues alike. The Dragon Armies organized and built an enormous fleet of three tired warships, able to carry millions of soldiers back to the Old Kingdoms.

And not even the Corruption could stop the dragon’s intent. They left the corrupted, the elderly, and the children on Obadon, sailing to what they believed to be their ultimate victory against Azmodeus and his demons.

The Dragon Armies have not been heard from for over a century.

Dragon Armies

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