Darkfall City

Darkfall rests in the middle of the Charred Valley, near nothing that grows.
It has an infamous reputation for prostitution, drugs, alcohol, and fighting. The baroness that rules over Darkfall is a fat drunk named, Baroness Laverna Tarsk, the younger sister of Burton Tarsk. The only people who live in Darkfall are the prostitutes, the derelicts, and the dregs. Laverna Tarsk has a company that works for her called, The Mud Men, who kill at the drop of the hat and are the only reason there’s any sense of law in Darkwall. A dead body in an alleyway is a common thing.

There are no walls, no farmlands, no ranches, just a lot of game halls, brothels, illusionariums, and an arena, all of which are in different stages of disrepair. The only way Darkfall gets any supplies is because her brother Burton Tarsk continually sends her months worth of supplies.

The Custodians of Darkfall are usually the bottom of the graduating class of the Conservatory or Custodians who are being punished for some reason or another. The High Custodian of Darkfall is the Baroness’ fat, ugly, stupid son, Lopho Tarsk, who only got the job because he is Laverna’s son and no other Custodian wanted it. He and his handful of untalented Custodians have done nothing to improve Darkfall and mainly spend most of their times in the illusionariums playing rpgs, which as a result, are some of the best in all of Throne.

These illusionariums are live, interactive, improvisational games, where a participant is given character to play and proceeds with a story designed by the custodians play out until he reaches a decent conclusion. (Basically like a live-action video game.) Lopho Tarsk and his custodians call their collection of illusionariums, the Arcadium.

Darkfall City

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