Dabney's Emporium

Dabney’s Emporium is a large building in the Great Trade District that primarily deals with magical items found throughout Throne. They also deal with certain Custodians who make some side coin by creating their own personalized magical items in hope of selling it to a larger demographic through Dabney’s Emporium. Dabney’s Emporium is run by a well-known, no nonsense broker named, Cornelius Dabney, as an employee of House Cobain.

The Emporium’s primary customers are arena challengers and company members, but Royals and Nobles have been known to purchase the most expensive, most magical of items.

Items for sale:

scrolls and potions and other consumables (plentiful uncommon)

25 of the 100 orphan weapons (+1 weapons)

10 of the 100 orphan armors (+1 armors)

he will have only a small amount of rare items and a handful of very rare items. These items are extremely expensive.

Dabney's Emporium

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