Aspiring Custodians come to the Conservatory from all walks of life. From the noble to the street urchin, from the sailor to the farmer, from the man to the woman, anybody has the potential to become a Custodian. Spending a minimum of four years within the Conservatory, students learn the basics of magic, engineering, and the ability to fuse them together. Upon graduation, these new Custodians are appointed to one of the cities of Throne and spend the rest of their lives building, rebuilding, enhancing, and improving their city’s buildings, structures, roads, transportation systems, defenses, and anything else that pertains to the city’s infrastructure.

Major cities will have about ten to twenty Custodians tending to their city with one High Custodian in charge of that group.

Custodians are also the only people in all of Throne who can cast “Custodian’s Mark” essentially having the power to give or take freedom to a slave.

One of the most powerful and influential groups in all of Throne.

– They, and only they, have a cantrip called “Custodian’s Mark”. This spell allows them to create a permanent marking on the neck of a willing participant. It cannot be removed by any means save for a ‘wish’ spell or if the exact Custodian who initially cast the spell decides to remove it. This is a ‘touch’ spell. Usually placed on the neck of a the Marked, socially, in relation with the nonhumans, Custodians have a huge power of them. Custodians with Custodian’s Mark can also remove the mark permanently. Once the spell is cast, the word “free” appears permanently on the left side of the recipient’s neck. This is used to identify Free Slaves from slaves in whatever city, town, or village, one may find oneself in Throne.

– A large city of 1000 people will usually have a dozen Custodians. Each city has been assigned Custodians. The Custodian in charge of the rest of the Custodians in the particular city is called the High Custodian.

The Custodians started out as a group of people who wanted to help rebuild the lands in the name of Throne. They knew that the city of Veil was designed, built, and grew because of the dragons from behind the scenes. The technological and engineering marvels weaved together with magic created a functioning city the size of a kingdom. And the orcs tore most of it down to the ground. The Custodians, in their efforts to rebuild Throne, began to re-imagine it. They wanted it to be as marvelous as the city of Veil once was. They believe the highest level they can attain as builders is the draconic level, a level that would equal what the dragons did with the Old City of Veil, The Veil Towers, and the Veil itself. They actually want to try to make that happen again. For a culture that is very exclusive and a might xenophobic, bringing back the Veil would be kind of what Throne wants. Although the crown has never ordered that or stated it, the Custodians believe Reohm himself wants them to build the Veil again. They keep this to themselves, secretly working on plans and designs that might bring it back. And they believe the secrets lie in The Shrouds. Many custodians have entered The Shrouds looking for the missing pieces of the puzzles. But none have returned.


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