The old Coliseum was destroyed at the beginning of the reign of the Dragon Masters. Once the New City of Veil was constructed, so too was the Coliseum.

The Coliseum is the biggest Arena in all of Throne. It is the most popular, the most visited, it holds the biggest, loudest, most spectacular events in all of Throne year round. The Dragon Games are held in the Coliseum every summer as is the coronation of new rulers and realm wide decrees set forth by the crown.

The Coliseum of Veil can hold 20,000 people in it’s five level stands. Each level can hold 5 thousand people each. It’s 50,000 sq feet, rising up to 200′. It can be sectioned off to have multiple events occurring simultaneously. Which happens often, except during the summer season when the Dragons games are in full swing.

Areas of the Coliseum

The Menagerie – Located underneath the Coliseum, the Menagerie is a large complex holding a collection of animals that can be visited in the lower levels like a zoo. Bears, wolves, lions, tigers, make up much of the Menagerie, but in heavily guarded areas, there are rumors that lizard men, ogres, manticores, chimaeras, and lycanthropes are caged. The animals and “monsters” within the Menagerie are used not only for display, but are used for blood sport against each other and against challengers and champions in search of more fame.

Events of the Coliseum

Crier Concerts

Large scaled performances are occurrences in The Coliseum. Many if not all of these performances


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