Blueblade Watch

The Blueblade Watch is an amalgamation of several companies who have sworn to protect the City of Veil, the doorway to the Third Great Kingdom of Throne, and all those who inhabit it from the evil that lives in The Shrouds. Companies who have proven their skill with weapon and magic, their loyalty to Throne, and their resolve against evil, are invited to join the Blueblade Watch. Each company keeps it’s company name as their unit name, but are all a part of the Blueblade Watch and wear the armor and colors.

These companies are some of the most elite, most revered, most heroic of companies in all of Throne and have earned their place in the Blueblade. Every soldier grows up on stories of the Blueblade Watch, and to become one is the dream of many boys and girls who grew up in Veil. They desire to emulate the legendary defense of Lucien’s Wall by Lucien Blueblade himself, one hundred years ago, saving the Orphans of Throne from the rampaging orc tribes. After the Orc Wars, the Blueblade Watch was established by Muriel Blueblade to keep a constant vigil against a return of the orcs. However, Muriel Blueblade and her Blueblade Watch soon realized the orcs were no longer their worst enemy. Something within the Shrouds was killing the orcs and turning them into undead. For every orc tribe that entered the Shrouds to lay siege to the City of Veil, the more the undead numbers grew. Since then, The Blueblade Watch has been the primary defending force against the ever increasing numbers of undead beyond Lucien’s Wall.

The people of Throne, specifically the people of the City of Veil, understand the never-ending battle the Blueblade Watch faces for them and treat the men and women of the Blueblade with reverence and respect.

There are three divisions within the Blueblade Watch:

The Scouts of the Blueblade Watch are fast, quiet, and usually have a very short life span with a quick turnover rate because they spend a lot time in the shrouds.
They enter the Shrouds and report on the activity of what lies within. Many times, they don’t find anything except for small bands of orcs, lost groups of goblins, encampments of runaway bandits, or roaming zombies and skeletons, which are easily disposed of by the Scouts. However, other times they come across large, organized undead, with intelligent leaders and a sinister purposes. When these groups are discovered, the Scouts retreat back to Lucien’s Wall to report their discovery and take appropriate action.

The Sentinels of the Blueblade are the soldiers who keep watch at Lucien’s Wall and the six castles from invasion or encroachment by the creatures of the Shrouds.
They are experts in using ballista, tower defenses, long range weapons, and the strength of Lucien’s Wall to protect the City of Veil and it’s citizens. In the decades of attack from orcs and undead, Lucien’s Wall and the six castles have never fallen due to the skill and spirit of the Sentinels of the Blueblade.

The Dragoons are the cavalry division, the rapid response troops who speed towards any threats posed by the Shrouds, whether on Lucien’s Wall or inside the Shrouds itself. The men and women that call themselves Dragoons are used as front line defenders, reinforcements, shock troops, or as hit and run warriors. The Dragoons are experts with lances and mounted combat, but are also skilled on foot with a sword and a shield. Only Dragoons can become knights, but Scouts and Sentinels can train to become Dragoons.

Each company, whether a Scout, a Sentinel, or a Dragoon is lead by a Knight of the Blueblade. These knights are personally appointed by the Knight-Commander of Blueblade after completing 100 Circles, which roughly takes about a decade to finish. Many members of the Blueblade Watch never make it passed their 3rd Circle, so being able to complete 100 Circles, they believe, is worthy of a knighthood.

The Dragoons of the Blueblade Watch rotate between the six castles and the Blueblade District to ensure the most coverage in making sure nothing gets past Lucien’s Wall. Every month or so, the Dragoons rotate their position on Lucien’s Wall. A completed trip from castle to castle and then back to the Blueblade District is called a Circle. The Circle starts in the Blueblade District, moves to Rivermore Castle, then to Gray Wolf Castle, then to Valeria Castle, then to Blueblade Castle, then to Vandela Castle, then to Black Kraken Castle, and finally, ends back to the Blueblade District.

If a member of the Blueblade Watch survives long enough to complete 100 Circles, they are given the title of Knight and given command of their own company within the Blueblade Watch. Completing a Circle takes about a year, so completing ten is roughly 8-10 years.

If any Baron of Throne dies with no heir or is removed from position, it is a Knight of the Blueblade Watch the Crown might reward with lands and a new title. This is one of the biggest perks about becoming one of the Blueblade Watch.

The Blueblade Watch is commanded by the Knight-Commander of the Blueblade Watch. Who splits time between Blueblade Castle and the Blueblade District.

the knights of the Blueblade are the leaders of each unit.

Elves and Dwarves can join the Blueblades, but can never become knights. Which is fine for most of them, as serving in the Blueblade means a life a lot better than being s slave.

THE CASTLES of the blueblade watch

– Castle Rivermore

– Castle Gray Wolf

– Castle Valeria

– Castle Blueblade

– Castle Vandela

– Castle Black Kraken
The Admiral of the Throne fleet, Orliss Allbrook

there is also a navy that is part of the blueblade watch. they watch the altric oceans and shit.

Blueblade Watch

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