The God of Evil. The Devil Lord. Ruler of the Nine Hells. Smtiv_Asmodeus.jpg

He is attributed with death, disease, devils, and unbridled evil. His domain is the Nine Hells but has, on numerous occasions, attempted to enter the world of mortals. Only once has he been successful, claiming the lands of the Old Kingdoms has his personal playground. When his armies of devils entered the world, they laid waste to the Old Kingdoms, burning, melting, and destroying civilizations that had prospered for hundreds of years. He and his armies enslaved mortals who could carry their wagons of ash. Those that couldn’t were eaten, cursed to live infinitely in the bellies of beasts.

He feeds upon the death and destruction of all life and has found a home in the world.

The Prince of Darkness, All That Is Evil, The Devil King, the god of the Nine Hells. Azmodeus rules the fiery pits of hell, but not satisfied with his underworld realm, thousands upon thousands of years ago, he opened a portal to the Old Kingdoms devastated the lands and the people who lived there. He waged war on humanity, and humanity lost.

When the people fled to Obadon, Azmodeus and his devil armies did not pursue. They had not been seen by the people of Obadon for over four thousand years.

It is not known whether Azmodeus still controlled the Old Kingdoms by the time of the Dragonflight.


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