Arena Games

3cfba6ec-751c-40ee-ac52-fccc669cb7bc_00fbd248_image.jpgThe Arena Games is a grouping of empire-wide “sporting events” which puts individuals against individuals and teams against teams. Every major city in Throne houses an arena (A stadium built for spectator events) in which these Arena Games take place. Some cities hold monthly tournaments, others hold quarterly tournaments, while other cities hold tournaments every six months, but all cities of Throne have Arena Games.

Once a year, each city of Throne is invited to the New City of Veil to participate in the Festival of the Dragonflight. These Arena Games, called the Dragon Games, are the highlight of the year for the common houses, the Noble Houses, and Royal Houses alike. The winners of the Dragon Games are labeled Dragon Champions and, for the year until the next Dragon Games, reach a level of notoriety and wealth that would rival the Royal Families. Many people born of common families and even those born as slaves yearn to become a Dragon Champion in order to change their lot in life.


Dragon Egg

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Ball

Dragon Champion


The arena games are different types of battle simulations played out in a city’s
arena or in the Veil Coliseum.
Many companies prefer the Arena Games over exploration contracts so many companies
have formed to gain fortune and fame in the arena. Many have failed. It is
highly competitive, and a lot of people die or get crippled, so only a very
few have ever achieved the level of popularity many seek in the arena. The champions
of each Arena Game (flag, ball, single duels, company battles) are very famous
among the empire.

Each city, especially the cities of the Dawnguards, hold their own city wide
arena games to determine which company will go to the Gods’ Challenge. These arena
seasons never occur during the summer because of the Gods’ Challenge. Seastand never
participates becuase the games are held on land.

Each of these games last a season and each town and city is represented by a company. The
main tournament occurs in Veil within the Coliseum and lasts for about three months.
During this time, Veil is filled with people from all over the empire, enjoying the games
and all the goods that Veil has during the summer. This two month period in Veil is called
The Gods’ Challenge. The winners of the games are crowned the Champions of the Gods
and carry the title for an antire year until it is time for the next Gods’ Challenge.

The cities of the Dawnguard Lands, (main city) North Khardur, (main city) South Khardur,
Nasera, The Web Terraces, Malgrimm, and Stormperch send one company to represent their
city during the Arena Games.


This Arena Game is about capturing the opponents ‘Dragon Egg’ that resides in their
enemies starting area. Only five players can be on the field at a time but in between
matches, they can substitute players if they want to. The point of the game is to
get the opponents dragon egg without losing yours. If your team does, you get a point.
If the enemy has your egg, you have to get it back before you can score a point.
The first team to get three points win. In the Coliseum, the high ranking Custodians
build different obstacles inside the Dragon Egg game to make it more enjoyable for the
audience and more challenging for the participants. Usually, there are no obstacles. At
least that’s how the kids grew up playing it. During the Dragon Games, Dragon Egg is
played with no killing.

A team of ten goes up against another team of ten. Each enemy team must slay the other
team’s ‘dragon master’, which is a large block of Iron Oak wood. (the ‘dragon master’
has a certain amount of hit points, and that’s how you kill it.) The ‘dragons masters’
are located at the far end of the arena space. Before reaching the ‘dragon master’
there are six other ‘dragon guards’ that must be slain. These are also Iron Oak wood, but
smaller. (so less hit points.) Your team must slay three ‘dragon guards’ before being
able to slay the ‘dragon master’. The first team to slay the ‘dragon master’ wins.
There is no killing allowed, but your team can hinder the other team in any possible way
imaginable. They use iron oaks as the ‘dragons’.

two teams of five are given a time limit to take a ‘dragon ball’ to their side of the arena
as many times as possible before the time limit expires. Anything goes as each team tries
to hold the ‘dragon ball’ until they can bring the ‘dragon ball’ to their side of the arena,
except killing. If someone is killed, the opposing team forfeits the match. The ‘dragon
ball’ can be passed between teammates but it can also be intercepted by enemies. Once the
time expries, the team with the most points, wins. There must always be five to a team, but
in between scores, teams may substitute players.

This is a wide range of fighting exibition games. either one on ones, two on twos,
or any these can be one on one, two on two, or any number vs any number.
Sometimes this is to the death, sometimes not. It is determined before. Sometimes it can be
against monsters or animals. These are basically like gladitorial matches.
For the Gods’ Challenge, these are not to the death. If a participant kills someone, they
forfeit. This is done tournament style, one and done. You lose once, you do not proceed
in the matches. This goes on until one winner is crowned champion.

During the Dragon’s Challenge, each Arena Game is played within it’s own tournament. Dragon Egg
has it’s own tournament, Dragon Slayer has it’s own tournament, and Dragon Ball has it’s
own tournament. For the first round, each team will play each other three times. Second round,
the teams are put into brackets determined by their record against other teams in the first round.
The teams play until one team is declared the winner.

An individual can play in as many Arena Games as they want, as can ant team. So each city can
send one company to play in all the games or send a group of teams to play one of the arena
games each.

The Criers help make the Dragon Games Throne’s yearly grand celebration. As they travel from
town to town to city ot city, not only do they talk of the Canticle, they also tell tales
of specifci companies that are doing well or comically bad from around the empire. This is to
generate an excited interest in Veil and encouraging people to travel to Veil during the cummer.

Arena Games

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