Anvilcliff Mountains

The Anvilcliff Mountains are located in the southwestern most mountainous region of the Grimmthorne Wilds. It’s around 15 square miles with an elevation of 15,000 feet. The highest peaks gather snow, but it rarely snows below 10,000 feet. Being on the southern most tip of Obadon, the Anvilcliffs get a lot of sun and has many trees and vegetation as well as active wildlife.

The city of Stormperch calls the Anvilcliff Mountains home.

The Anvilcliff Dwarves – Once an integral part of Trade Lord commerce machine, after the Dragon Wars and the departure of the dragon armies, they were forced to leave their ancient home of Anvilcliff. They took to the rocky shores of the Anvilcliff mountains, where only dwarves were able to live, pirating and pillaging coastal towns across Throne. They also have sailed to the lands south of the empire, discovering new cities and populations that are more accepting of differences. Their culture revolves around the open seas, piracy, and exploration. Free spirited dwarves with a sail above them.

Are a short mountain rage of about 200 miles. The mountains reach
as high as 11,000 feet. use this as an example of the
Anvilcliff Mountain Ranges:

Anvilcliff Mountains

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