Veil: Bloodlines

Chapter 2

They traveled to Darkfall to try to talk to Redbelly. On the way they encountered a spectres in an abandoned village, which tey defeated, and a Bulette and killed it. They skinned it for the armor.

They ended up joining the Redbellies after a series of interesting conversations with the Mud Guard.

Chapter 1

They captured a chimera for the arena handlers and killed a manticore. Jorge skinned the manticore with a roll of 20.

They entered the Shrouds and discovered an undead Blueblade party. the leader, a knight named Dunbar, had a matching ring with his wife who hired the 25th to find him. He gave the PCs the ring and told them to tell his wife he will love her eternally.

They also found out there is a death knight named Barham who is raising an undead army. A family of vampires who are raising an undead army. A lich who is raising an army. Every time a creature dies in the Shrouds, they add to the army of the undead.

A member of the undead Blueblades was the niece of Baron Maxim Huxley. She asked Jorge to bring her family ring back to him at Shadowrise Grove. He rewarded the PCs, as appreciation, with +1 items, 100gp each, and a favor whenever they need it. This inadvertently aligns them with House Huxley.

Jorge, Kadie, and Bobby, had House Huxley’s Custodians fashion personalized items. Ask the PCs what they were. I think Bobby had a customized magic longsword along with a cloak of the Manticore wing. Kadie had a hooded cloak made from the matincore wing. And Jorge had an entire outfit made from the Matincore pelt and teeth and tail. Bad ass look, yo.

The king died of a heart attack. The interim Queen-Mother is Charlotte Sylvian Vandamere who is also the Trade Lord. She, now, has complete power. This doesn’t go over too well with the other four Royal Houses. Bam.

Session Notes
Loggin' It

- The PCs got famous by barely beating the 25th rank company of the Arena in the tournament leading up to the Dragon Games. They did it in the Coliseum in front of hundreds of people.

- They got +1 longswords.


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