Jasper Loo

Employer of the PCs


A human around the age of 50 years old. He’s big, burly, and strong. Originating from the Grimmthorne Wilds he is one of the wealthiest merchants in all of Throne whose family in not of the Nobility. He deals in rice, which is what Malgrimm is known for.

He’s got tattoos all over his body indicating he’s been involved in many of the Battles of the Wilds.

He spends most of his time dealing with the Trade Lord, the Merchants Guild, and the Nobles, so he allows his assistant, Rose Lasark, handle most of his day to day business.

He is also one of the only merchants to equally employ elves and dwarves as he does humans.


Dude was born in Malgrimm 50 years ago. He grew up in the harsh environment and was involved in many of the Battles of the Wilds as is indicated with his tattoos.

some shit happened where he started using his brains to sell rice instead of fucking up the orcs assholes. some cool story I’ll work on later, yo.

Jasper Loo

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