“You can try. Roll initiative.”

The New City of Veil
Third Great Kingdom of Throne
The Conservatory
The Cathedral
The Coliseum
The Faith of Reohm
The Royal Houses
The Noble Houses
Playable Classes and Races
The Bloodlines War

Veil: Bloodlines is a campaign setting for the DnD 5E system that has a little bit of something for the kinds of people I play with:

- Political Maneuverings happen behind the royal crown through strategic marriages, savvy ownership of lands, and shifting control of gold (You get to mentally mess with rich people).

- Social Revolution is on the brink, as the gap between the Nobles and common folk grow wider, and the treatment of elven and dwarven slaves become questionable (You get to socially mess with rich people).

- Fame and Fortune can be made in the increasingly popular Arena Games in the City of Veil (You get to physically fight and if you survive, you become a rich person).

- Quintessential Adventure awaits in the uncharted ruins of the Shrouds where the undead gather (You get to fight and kill stereotypically evil shit). Plus, ya know, there’s magic, giants, and orcs, yo.

Set during the time of the Third Great Kingdom of Throne, the players belong to a company ran by a wealthy and enigmatic rice merchant from Veil named, Jasper Loo. He travels between Malgrimm and Veil six times out of the year, taking a majority of his company with him. The remaining members of his company stay in Jasper Loo’s garrison stationed in Veil receiving contracted jobs (adventures/missions) to earn their wages, provided by Jasper Loo’s aide, Rose Lasark. Once they complete a contract, they come back to the garrison to claim their rewards. Boom. Session.

Real Life Shit
This set up let’s us play one-shots every session that are subtly connected to a larger narrative. That means you don’t always have to show up. When Rose gives your company a contract, whoever is scheduled to play will have the entire 3-6 hour session to complete it. This’ll let us casually enjoy the DnD experience without taking too much out of our real lives.

This setting is also designed to provide the DM with a lot of room to create their adventures. Sessions that rely on stories, sessions that are heavy on tactics, sessions that revolve around good vs evil, sessions that are about exploration, sessions that include social and philosophical commentary, any kind of session that you’d like to play, we can play. And it can change every session depending on the type of contract you take. So, really, it’s up to you.

Some Things to Incorporate into this World:

- There is no alignment. People are complicated. We are all good and evil. The Taoists believe…yada, yada, yada, you get the point. In terms of game mechanics, anything similar to a protection vs good/evil or items similar to that spell effect will be treated as hostile or non-hostile to you.

- Action Economy: Every PC has an Attack Action, and a Move Action. If a class skill or feat or magic spells says it, a PC might also have a Bonus Action and/or a Reaction Action. Unless stated in the class skill, magic spell, or feat, a PC can only have ONE of each type of action.

- Racism. Fuck yeah there’s racism. The people of Throne have held to the belief that they are the true superior race, that all other races are to be subjugated and trained to work as their servants, so that they can build an empire that rivals those told in stories and history books. That’s simply how it is.

Also, I took a lot of these pictures from the internet. I didn’t draw them and I don’t own them. These pics are pretty close to what I imagined the people, the places, and the constructions to be. They’re bad ass, yo. Eventually, I’m going to get some artists to draw some shit for me. But for now, these pictures are other people’s work I found on the internet and are being used here as placeholders.

Veil: Bloodlines

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